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This mod gets the grandmas out of the roads of San Andreas, allowing cops and racing/chasing/fleeing NPCs to drive way faster now.

This mod allows the any fleeing/racing/chasing AI to drive at the max speed their car allows, while braking accordingly in corners so they don't fly into a wall.

This mod affects all NPCs, including scripted ones.

It does not alter their default driving behavior, so don't expect all the cars be 2fast everywhere you look. They need to be fleeing, chasing someone, or racing for the mod to take effect.

Changes you will notice
AI Drivers will now:
  • Go at max speed at highways
  • Go reasonably fast when in an intersection
  • Take normal curves a lot faster
  • Turn in corners somewhat faster

  • Installation
    Auto Installation (.oiv): just install it with OpenIV package installer.
    Manual Installation: Place the file inside Grand Theft Auto V\common.rpf\data\ai\vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta.
    If that -for any reason- doesn't work, place the file inside Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai\vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta and it should.

    Mods that benefit from it
    Impromptu Races
    Community Races


    • Faster doesn't mean better.
    • You will notice that some average cars drive too racey and end up on top of a lamp post. I'm aware of this problem, basically, AI Drivers think Cavalcades should be driven like Comets. This requires finetuning handling.meta, and it will take time.
    • Cars WILL throw themselves into walls when passing some intersections. This is AI pathing fault and I can't do anything about it at the moment.

    2.0 - Rewrote file from scratch, fixed rear-ends and sped-up basically everything.
    2.2 - General finetuning for hard corners.
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    Последнее обновление: 30 августа 2016
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    • D21c6a growing stronger
      Закреплённый комментарий

      Latest version is far better finetuned for all kinds of vehicles, also comes with optional .oiv installation.

      28 июля 2016
    • A334c7 ford fairlane

      Works as intended. Now police chases are actually challenging and remind me of old Driver games. I'm using this with Killatomate's realistic handling mod, unfortunately the retarded AI can't handle complex driving mechanics and often lose control at high speeds. I wish there was a mod that makes AI drivers "smarter".

      18 ноября 2016
    • Default

      NO WORK!!!

      22 ноября 2016
    • 767110  thumb f2cfd83f 9ebc 4a97 9bbf 8e4313924bb7

      Yeah for some reason it isnt working for me either, i did everything from the read me. The cars that i race are still slow

      27 ноября 2016
    • 5e83ad tumblr static cjtpxqtll60ookgo0kc4gg4cs

      5/5 at this mod too because it's great but there are many accidents on the streets now.Can you make something to activate this only when you want to race them?

      28 ноября 2016
    • 5e83ad tumblr static cjtpxqtll60ookgo0kc4gg4cs
      28 ноября 2016
    • D21c6a growing stronger

      @ShakeZone gotta figure out something first. Then, if its possible, yeah.

      28 декабря 2016
    • 7135da gimp avatar

      Have been using this mod for quite some time now, and can only say it's an absolute must have mod for anyone playing GTA V. Driving on highway doesn't feel like constantly avoiding traffic jams as in vanilla. Cops learned to chase you and even ramming you if you're not in super fast car. Before they've been losing you about 100 meter away, so chases became a little bit more exciting. Also I haven't noticed more accidents on the road than I see with vanilla driving AI, nothing crazier than what usually happens. In general feels like much more of an improvement over how cars behave in vanilla.
      Those who see more accidents probably using some handling mods. Sadly with those AI cars drive like idiots no matter what, and this mod wouldn't make things much worse I guess.

      30 декабря 2016
    • Lamar

      This shit fucked my game up dude. Now everyone just slams into walls and it's fucking retarded.

      1 января 2017
    • Default

      Does not work, not matter where files go to.

      19 января 2017
    • Default

      Hey, that auto. installation is really cool wit Open IV tho, now I gotta look if this mod really works.

      29 января 2017
    • Dc7202 mgd2

      @Eddlm - Your mod makes the races around GTA V land very challenging! I had a lot of fun using it in my GTA V series Daily Ped Life: https://youtu.be/LrutelVoNNo 5 Stars from me for a fun and VERY useful mod... thank you!

      5 февраля 2017
    • Default

      @Eddlm Very loyal to traffic rules maybe you can make more aggressive. They do not follow community race markers in traffic, They disappear in traffic bro.It would be nice if they chose shortcuts instead of traffic rules. thanks

      27 февраля 2017
    • Default

      Hey,I love this mod,but i think ai can be faster so I change the value of the file, but I found their speed limit in about 180km/h,like the original game setting on player car??do you know how it can be change?(I have use realistic top speed handing)

      28 февраля 2017
    • D21c6a growing stronger

      @hassonya Sadly that's not how it works. This file can only affect their speed, not the roads they take. To affect shortcuts you need Community Races to do that.

      @devil362 The limit is 120mph, but you can change that in the file. Open vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta and edit the first speed item, where it says 120.

      28 февраля 2017
    • Default

      @Eddlm yeah I have edit it and set it to 200 250 300 even 400 and their top speed still around 120MPH
      I even use openiv fine that file and chek if the value was been edit to more than 120
      and sorry for bad en I'm taiwanese , nice mod:))

      1 марта 2017
    • Default

      @Eddlm I have a question about your mod Ok so I'm getting tired of going 50-60mph behind a car on the highway so does this mod speed them up?

      1 марта 2017
    • Default

      @MrCool -- Read the description thoroughly, because the answer is there.

      31 марта 2017
    • Default

      @Eddlm I need your help ! I copied the file in the exact location in common.rpf and when i open the game, i get infinite loading screen ..... 'story mode loading' i waited for it for 20 mins but it is looping ...... Please help ! Thanks !

      22 апреля 2017
    • Default

      @devil362 You are doing something wrong....MY AI will take the cars up to thier handling meta speeds

      24 апреля 2017
    • Gtao53

      @Eddlm The mod working great. But the thing is that it conflicts with Yacht Deluxe mod (by 3dplanet) and game cannot open Yachtdeluxe.asi! I deleted 'ammu' folder from dlcpacks and game opened without crashes! Please fix this bug

      30 апреля 2017
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