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"Realistic", as in, no magic pushing your car, this script actually makes the car have more engine power.

NEW: Now with nitro bar! Drift, jump high or drive against traffic to gain nitro!

I'm aware of TurboSystemV's existence. Realistic Nitro is a different take at Nitro on GTAV, you won't get the same experience from the two scripts, they behave differently.

This script adds a basic Nitro system for you to use and abuse!

While using the nitro, the car's engine will have more power, and the car will accelerate far more quickly, reaching top speed in no time and probably going over it.
The car's exhausts will burst fire, too.

  • All player's vehicles have a nitro system now.
  • "Realistic" boosts, where the engine has more power, instead of magic pushing the car.
  • Fancy screen effect, if you want it.
  • A fancy sound effect too
  • Nitro bar that can be refilled by drifting, going against traffic or jumping.

"Realistic Nitro.dll" and "RealisticNitro.ini" go inside \Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\ folder.

You can change multiple settings inside "RealisticNitro.ini" to tune the script's behavior to your likings, including the key to activate the nitro and the effects.

- Shift + Enter: reload settings from the .ini. (No notifications will be shown)
- Shift (Right + A on controller) Use the nitro.
- Shift + N toggle the nitro system.
- Drift, jump high or drive against traffic to gain nitro, or simply let the bar refill by itself. Doing tricks refills the bar faster, though.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
NativeUI Latest (Included)

  • Fixed an infinite nitro bug when the bar emptied.
  • Fixed some typos.

  • Added an EngineMultiplier so you can set how much power the engine has when using nitro. Requested by Here.

  • Added auto refill option for the bar, enabled by default.
  • Tricks now stack: the more tricks you're doing at once, the faster the bar fills.
  • The nitro bar now should be full the first time you enter a car.

  • Added nitro bar.
  • Added ways to obtain nitro, check above.

  • Added pitch angle to the nitro effect
  • Fixed players being able to nitro outside of the car
  • Added experimental gamepad support
  • Added an option to limit the nitro to land vehicles.

  • None for now. Maybe you guys have some suggestions.


Special thanks
Mafins, for helping me with the exhaust, sound and screen effects.
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