Better Police Stations (RDE-style)

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This mod brings you greatly revised but still lore-friendly police/sheriff/ranger stations. Will be featured in RDE 3.0.

Full list of improvements:

Mission Row, Vespucci, Vinewood, La Mesa Police Stations
-removed odd LSPD decals from walls/doors/ground

Mission Row Police Station (interior)
-got rid of LSPD-LSSD logo (lobby and corridor walls, hiring ad, captain's office). Was replaced with Mission Row division seal & LSPD badges correspondingly.

La Mesa Police Station
-turned it into SAHP Headquarters (logo replacement & various building parts removal)

Del Perro Police Station
-replaced LSPD flag with US flag

Rockford Hills Police Station
-made signs say "Rockford Hills" instead of "Headquarters"

Davis Sheriff's Station
-removed LS seals, LS County & LSSD decals from walls
-resized LSSD logo on doors
-changed "Los Santos County" on signboard to "Davis"
-made the impound lot belong to LSSD

Paleto Bay Sheriff's Station
-got rid of LSPD motto (interior) and "POLICE" on a lamp (exterior)
-turned LCPD officer on wall art into sheriff's deputy
-replaced LS and LS County seals on a billboard with Paleto Bay (based on Fillmore) and Blaine County seals
-corrected billboard text saying "Sheriff Office" instead of "Sheriff's Station"
-changed LSSD flag to San Andreas State flag (affects Rockford Hills & Sandy Shores stations)

Beaver Bush Ranger Station
-replaced Los Santos Dept. of Parks signs with San Andreas State Parks ones


  • Extract the "Better Station Package.zip" from downloaded archive
  • Launch OpenIV
  • Open the "Better Stations Package.zip" via Package Installer Tool (Tools bar)
  • Click "Install"

  • Take a look on this video tutorial in case you failed:


    Textures by AlexVonShep
    Building models edits by Yard1 and _Vlad_

    You aren't allowed to re-upload this mod anywhere. Nevertheless, feel free to edit my textures and release them with proper credits!
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