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  • Lamar

    @NaijaMango Use another key, It's a known problem with a lot of scripts, nothing I can do about it,

  • Lamar

    @JustDancePC All i would want you to do is to decompile the script, take a look at the script, if you understnad NET and and you mod in it, you should take a fast look at it and know, the script is very well optimized, that much I can tell.

    Add the "is player in area" check and cancel the mission or Make the script redo the randomization process if the check turns out to be "yes he is in area"

  • Lamar

    @JustDancePC Well, you know when you press the button to start a mission, the script chooses a random one from the XML's right? if you happen to be standing right on the area, where the mission takes place, and the script chooses that one exactly there, it spawns on you.

    I used to mod in cleo for GTA SA, and I have a very basic understanding of NET, and therefore I know, that before spawning a bunch of enemies or something like that, you should make the script check if the PLAYER is at least 50 or at least 100 mts Away from that area, so that you know, it prevents issues like that or just to make it realistic.

    Javelin lacks that "is player in area" check before spawning the Peds and cars from the mission

    And while I was able to fix other things with my basic knowledge, I just can't find the area on the script, where I could place that check, I know it should be right after the random mission is selected, and just before actors spawn, But, I'm kinda lost because I also lack understanding of everything I'm seeing when i look at the code.

  • Lamar

    @JustDancePC So far this has been awesome, I haven't found any gang activity tho, But I guess those are more difficult to create, anyway, nice work

    Hey, off topic, I'm currently looking for someone to help me fix a script, Something that I'm sure would not take more than 10 minutes, I lack some knowledge, so I can't do it myself, is the only mod in my profile, Please, take a small look at it, and then let me know if you would be so kind to help me, maybe through discord or something

  • Lamar

    Keep it as it is, in police vehicles, however, I'm wondering, can you do these missions from every police vehicle? I used to use a FIB BUFFALO on GTA IV because I don't like driving around in a police car, see I'm more like a "private contractor"

  • Lamar

    Well... I don't know if you are willing, But I'm sure a lot of people have tought of this simple idea for map editor:

    Having a setting to make maps load at a certain distance, and unload when you go far away, maybe at a certain hour? That would make for some interesting creations, and it would allow for the creation of interesting scenarios (Like gang hideouts at certain hours of the night) and things like that...

  • Lamar

    The toggle to give all the cops guns is not working in the newest version.

  • Lamar

    Hey, I was wondering, why can't it not be saved, wouldn't it be possible to store the settings in an ini or XML?

  • Lamar

    I love this mod, the only Issue I have with it is that i don't know why but it affects the brakes of the cars.

    I know the concept of inertia and I understand that cars don't just come to a stop easily when you speed

    But the problem is, when you slam the brakes, the wheels SHOULD completely stop, the car can slide, but the wheels should STOP

    That happens in the game by default but not here, here the wheels just keep spinning and you end up feeling like the brakes are useless.

    I'm talking about the frontal brakes btw.

  • Lamar

    @SilverFinish Awesome! You're my favorite modder so far I have almost everything you've done, really great work.