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  • Gtao40

    Working Great mod. Have a few Questions hopefully you guys can help me.

    Is there a list of all the full list or documation showing all the changes and features added in this mod?
    Reason I'm asking I would like to know before I add few mods do not want to double add mods.

    I would like to add Real Gun Sounds mod. If WOV added I will leave it, but no where it states gun sounds were add. Do anyone know if WOV added gun sounds?

    I also would like to add more cops like mod COP: Back on beat that mod is awesome.

    I also would like to add Real Billboards that mod is also awesome where it fixes up Franklin Safe House.

    16 декабря 2019
  • Gtao40

    Tired this mod twice second time with Clean Mod folder reinstall the game to make sure. I'm on 1.48 Build.No other mods was install and scripts was disable. I install your more patrol patch I notices the Foot Cops just stand and not walking. Game Crashes when I leave House in Vinewood So I teleported to Grove streets.

    I wanted to test the gangs out they do not responds fast to threat before I install mod.

  • Gtao40

    Great Mod, Good Work thank you for your hard work. Question? Is there anyway you can fix the Ticketing if AI Hit you in back?

  • Gtao40

    @FrostyGaming Thanks for this, I also did editing where I took off the bikes,photos,and planes. What I notices when you do this it crashes the games by causing memory leaks. What it does to mines the maps will start to disappear you won't see the roads it gets so bad you can't see where you going. So I deleted Lively Worlds and this never happens.

    I like the mod because it adds a lot more going on and not much choas. The hunter, plane crashes and bikes spawning are three things that can be changed to some other event car fire, mugging.

  • Gtao40

    @J0KER I'm on 1604 build using Redux 1.6 Tried this Game config and just the loading screen. The game working with my old game config. Any help would be great.

  • Gtao40

    Tried everything to get this working. Does anyone have a fix to get this working getting the scripthook error. IS there another mod to enable online Interiors

  • Gtao40

    @Alex106 Thanks for the Reply. I understand Hopefully someone on here has share with the group.

  • Gtao40

    Great Work @Alex106. I enjoyed your mod. Sorry I'm years late to the modding party but I'm here now and finally updated the game and currently trying out Redux 1.7. I really like how Reshade looks than ENB,
    Have a few Questions Redux 1.7 Brand new pedestrian spawning, adding story-line characters into the natural population ect. features listed on there site. With this being said
    1. Will your mod be over writing Redux Scenario?

  • Gtao40

    nice car great work. Only thing replace version the front left and right windows do not go up or down stays down and can't change tint option

  • Gtao40

    @lucasvinbr Is there anyway we can fix the gang members over spawning in your area? This is also causing a lot of ped hang ups. Meaning they spawn in the middle of the freeway backing up traffic. They will also spawn in the middle of the street hanging up cars. Also when you driving in your area or another gang area either your gang or enemy gangs will spawn hitting your car. You can be driving and out of nowhere they spawn hitting your car.

    Thanks in advance