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    Thank You for the Update! :D

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    Fingers cross that this is true :D

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    So this is so annoying. I did not play GTAV since this mod gets broken.
    Is there no other Modder who is willing to update this Mod?
    I mean those files are indeed on Github as someone mention and i believe its not the hardest work to update it for someone who has knowledges of doing this kind of stuff.

    Please someone HAAAALLLLPPPP us stupid users that dont do shit only crying and consuming.

    31 декабря 2022
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    Only when you have the Steam or Epic Launcher.
    Sh**ty R* Launcher always wants the newest version, there is no such smart workaround there.
    I wanted to buy the Steam Version of the Game on Xmas Sale but wait 15$?
    And wherever I want to buy the game, it costs even more.

    Thank you for your patient ;)

    27 декабря 2022
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    @Slim Jim
    aha and you now that for shure?

    I mean he could at least say that the mod will be updated when he has time to do so.
    But were all waiting and maybe he doesnt care about GTA5 anymore, or has no time or something bad happen in his life.

    I doent want to be rude but some information would be nice.
    For now its like im jumping into this side like 3-10 times a day only to see last update on March...
    and that makes me and i believe a lot of peopel nervous.
    This Mod is for a lot of peopel so essential.
    And maybe if he dont want to update it, he could give it to other modders hands.
    So that less time could go by and so on.
    Hopefully you get what i mean.
    Like i sayed i dont want to be rude, but hey lets wait till.... ;)

    25 декабря 2022
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    Can confirm everything is working fine.
    @pakzproducer did you deleate the old files from your Folder?
    I only play Single Player and its working.

    Thank you ikt and happy holidays :D

    24 декабря 2022
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    For me the List doesnt change, its the same as bevor.
    I play it through the R* Launcher maybe there is a different?!?

    My List without the other Mods still looks like this:

    Расширьте, чтобы прочитать весь комментарий
    22 декабря 2022
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    OK, i found a way to disable those Lines to,
    i just opend the graphics,ytd and changed the flare_animorphic to complete black.

    Now im complete pleased, no Lensartefacts from you and the little change from me... :D

    22 декабря 2022
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    Thanks for your quick replay.
    And ahhh yes this works really well. I only tested it for a few seconds and jumped straight into a car and i thought those blue lines from the Car Light sources also belongs to the Artefacts.
    Today i tested the "No NGCoronas" and yes those Blue Lines belongs to the Coronas not the Artefacts.
    The Problem is that i allready have a modded Visualsettings.dat (Brighter Emergency Lights with VisualV migration), and the other thing is i like the Coronas like they are only those Blue Lines "flare" or what ever they are arent my taste.

    Whatever, for now im really lucky that those Artefacts arround the Screen got eliminated, and i dont want to bother you, so i look for myself in the Visualsettings.dat from your "No NG Coronas" and my Visualsettings.dat and hope i can disable only the Blue Lines and keep the Coronas.

    But right now im really happy with your Mod.

    22 декабря 2022
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    Hi there, i just want to say big thanks for this Mod.
    Bevor that i tryed LA Revos Roads which are also good but RoadsofEurope are thousend times better!

    The only downside is, like the comment over my says that there are some Roads left untouched (i think) cause they look "vanilla like"
    Ok those are more on the Country Side, and only maybe 5%. But are you planig to update this Mod, or even make a 2.0 Version?

    PS: Hopefully not payed like La Revo...

    PPS: I have a small problem that when i drive fast i mean really fast that the texture on the Long Bridge "near the Military Station" doesnt load quick enough and you can see the Vanilla ones. But really only on this section.
    Is this my PC fault?
    I activated 16x AF in Nvidia CP and ingame.
    The Game itself runs perfect and i only notice this problem there.

    21 декабря 2022