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- Weapon Safety Mode. Engage/disengage safety mode with a designated control.
- 3 Firing Modes. Full Auto, Single Shot, Burst Fire
- Taser Functionality. Maximum cartridges capacity for optimal functionality.



- Rage Plugin Hook

To install this plugin, the .dll file must be placed in a "plugins" folder.
This folder can be reached by going to the Grand Theft Auto V directory and placing the .dll file in the "plugins" folder.
If this plugins folder does not exist, then you can simply create it.


I would be happy to receive feedback. If there are any Bugs, please let me know!


### New Features
- **Clip Ammo Feature**: Added new functionality to manage clip ammo.
- **Audio Enhancements**: Taser now plays a sound when out of ammo and attempting to fire.
- **Customization Options**:
- **Display Positions**: Positions can now be customized.
- **WeaponInventory.xml**: Default firing mode can now be assigned.
- **New Configurations in INI File**:
- Added `ReactivationCartridgeOne` and `ReactivationCartridgeTwo`.
- Added `DiscardClipAmmo`.
- Added `BarbsDisconnectedNotification`.
- **Error Reporting**: Introduced new automatic error reporting system with Discord integration.

### UI Changes
- **Bullet Casing Color**: Changed from white to resemble a bullet more accurately.

### Improvements

- **Code Optimization**: Improved internal code handling for WeaponGroup.
- **Burst Mode**: Fixed an issue affecting burst mode functionality.

### Configuration Updates
- **WeaponInventory.xml**:
- Renamed `WeaponHash` to `WeaponName`.
- **MaxTaserCartridges**: Set up limitations for the maximum number of taser cartridges.
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