Stop!Powercutting (inversepower alternative) V2Test

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True Realistic Driving V

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What is this?
-Stop!Powercutting V2 increases engine power based on tyre slip.

-Default keys for menu navigation: UP = L; DOWN = K; ENTER(SHOW MENU) = i
-You might want to decrease fInitialDriveForce in the handling.meta
-Menu will only open while in a car

Recommended mods:
-True Realistic Driving V by any333
-Realistic Driving V v2.5 by Killatomate
-Drive Modes & Custom Vehicle Cameras [Handling Editor] by stillhere
-Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support by ikt

Modified from: Real Time Handling Editor by ikt

-Initial release

V2 Test
-Increases power based on tyre slip.
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