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the Gangs of LS System is a brand new addition to Drug Trafficking V2, you can choose to use it or not, this system allows the user to own their own Gang allong with HQ and Warehouse (to store drugs in). The Map is populated with 39 other gangs (Custom and from GTAV).

The Gangs are:
TheBonelliCrimeFamily TheSilverMilitia TheKisawaStreetCrew TheFamilies LaCosaNostra Kamchatka Ballas BlackMafiaFamily TheDriftClub TheRegulators LostMC MarabuntaGrande Basilisk TheONeilBrothers TheOutlaws TheLizzies Rolling60s TheArmenianMob KoreanMob KillerHipsters Ancelottis Leonefamily TheTriad TheIrishMob TheVolk NightlifeInc Vagos HighSeats YakuzaPact TheSurvivalists ODriscolls TheLostMC LosMuertos TheDockyardCrew DaNangBoyz Bratva VercettiCrimeFamily TheEmissarys TheTronClub TheDevilRiders

While running the Gangs of LS (after choosing a HQ the system will be enabled) it is strongly recommended to use these mods combined to prevent game crashes/texture loss as the mod spawns alot of peds, resulting in some instablity at some times
Install Video Video.
Resource Adjuster Resource Adjuster.
Gameconfig for 300 Vehicles Gameconfig.
ln the event of crashing i also suggest turning down Spawn increase Ratio in scripts\DrugTraffickingV2\GangsOfLS\MainData.ini
Any reviews regarding game crashing texture loss, will be removed, as there is not much i can do!

This mod is a full recreation of Guadmaz's Drug Trafficking mod. Rebuilt from complete scratch and updated to be more configurable and user friendly. To make this fully clear, this mod is not a simple re upload of Guadmaz's original mod, is a complete Rewrite, everything has been recoded brought back into this new version.

Like the original Mod, the mod re-adds drug trafficking mini-missions that were scrapped during GTA5 development. There are multiple drug dealers found around Los Santos and Blaine County. Dealers restock every 5 Minute (can be changed in ini) and their prices update every 10 minutes (can be changed in ini). You can make a good profit by buying low and selling high. Just approach a drug dealer and a menu should pop up. Unlike the original navigate the menu using the arrow keys/dpad, Shift/X to switch between buy and sell, and Enter/A to select,

Like in the original Drug Vans and the Taco Minigame have also been rebuilt from scratch. But unlike the original many new features have been added, new Ui screens when selling to random ped (can be toggled), new Ui screen when dropping of a drug Vans, losing drugs and weapon on death (can be toggled), and much more.

1.1 Changes
1.1 Changes

6 New Drug Dealer Locations
12 new Safe spots for Drug Vans

New Phone Contact : Personal Dealer
- request a parsonal dealer to sell you drugs from your current dealer
- request a personal bulk dealer to sell large amounts of drugs to you (still random drug choosen)
- request a dealer to store/remove drugs from your personal stash
- request the location of nearest mission (for each type)

New Dealer Type : The Bulk Dealer
Level Unlock : 20, A new dealer that wants only 1 type of Drug, this dealer, will want a high number of that drug, and they will not accept lower amounts of that drug, you will need to have the alocated amount or more to sell, these bulk dealers are located all around the map, but will only appear on your map when you get close to them (1000m out)

Police busts - Ambient Event
Like in the original Drug Trafficking mod, there is a chance when purchasing or selling drugs from a Dealer (Normal or Bulk), that the police will be called and you will get a wanted level and nearby cops will spawn and try to arrest/kill the player

Gang Drive By Attacks
Driving around the terratory of Vagos, Ballas, and Families with drugs will now evoke a hostile reaction

Meth RV Deliveries - Ambient Event
Level Unlock : 3, Spawn Area : All over Sandy Shores
Deliver a RV to a location in the Chilliad Forest to 'Cook' Drugs, after the mission completes you will be given amount of Meth Bags (determined by ini value)

Deludamol Van Deliveries - Ambient Event
Level Unlock : 7
Spawn Area : Nearby Hospitals
Deliver a van to a location carring Pill Bags, player will then recieve those pill bags on mission complete (amount given determined by ini value)

Under Radar Deliveries - Ambient Event
Level Unlock : 9
Spawn Area : All over Los Santos, but does not spawn in Blaine County
Deliver a van to a location without being spotted by the police hunting you, random drugs will be given to the player (determined by ini value)

Drug Mules - Ambient Event
Level Unlock : 5
Spawn Area : Determined by Traffic
A Random Gauntlet or Buffalo will become a drug mule, open the boot to reveal, Coke or Weed, steal the loot to retrieve the drugs (amount given determined by ini value)

Gang Hideouts - Missions
Level Unlock : 12
Enemies are holding an area as you base, and have collected quite a few drugs, your task is to eliminate all hostiles and collect as many drugs as you can

Drug Den Raids - Missions
Level Unlock : 7
Enemies are protecting a Enemy MC Business, kill all the enemies, and loot the sample from inside the Meth, Weed, or Cocaine MC Business

Crate Drop - Missions
Level Unlock : 5
Spawn Area : All over the Map, but more in Sandy Shores
A Crate is being guarded by enemies, this crate contains a random selection and random amount of each drug, your task is to steal the crate and escape (amount given determined by ini value)

Air Drop - Missions
Level Unlock : 13
Spawn Area : All over Sandy Shores
A plane is dropping random drugs, collect drugs crates while holding off the Lost MC (amount given determined by ini value)

Land Delivery Missions - Missions
Level Unlock : 7
Spawn Area : Around The Blaine County but few around the City
Take the vehicle required and deliver drugs to points around the map, you will need to retrieve a crate from the back of the vehicle and bring it to the buyer

Air Delivery Missions- Missions
Level Unlock : 10
Spawn Area : Around The City but few around Blaine County
Use a plane to drop crates around Los Santos and Blaine County, but be warned, the crate will drop to the ground, if it misses the drop site, you will lose a small amount of drugs and not be paid

MC Businesses - Ownable Business
Level Unlock : 18
5 Locations for each type of MC Business
Own a Weed farm, Cocaine Lockup, or Meth Lab (or all 3), that produce their specificed drug (Weed Farm produces Weed Bags, and so on), also has a personal Stash, allowing you to store your drugs for safe keeping

Personal Storage - Ownable Storage Area
Level Unlock : 12
- Save and modify up to 6 vehicles
- access to a personal stash, for storing large quanties of drugs (unlimited amount)
- Storage comes with a Personal Dealer and Personal Bulk Dealer inside

1. download and Install scripthookv + Scripthookvdotnet
2. create a scripts folder (named scripts and not Scripts) if you havent got one already
3. install LemonUI(if you havnt already got it for SHVDN2) there is a download link in the text file of the zip, copy the url into a browser, then a zip will be downloaded, drag the CONTENTS of the SHVDN2 folder into scripts
4. drag HKHModHelperNew.dll and folder into scripts
5. drag DrugTraffickingV2.dll, DrugTraffickingV2.pdb and DrugTraffickingV2 folder into scripts
6. drag Ifruitaddon2 folder and Ifruitaddon2.dll into scripts
7. Launch game

1.0 Initial release
1.0.3 5mods release
removed "In Families Territory" Subtitle
stopped the mod crashing when player's XP was too high
Major Update
fixed dpad right cancelling missions when using controller
added Snacks and Armour Menu
Missions now give XP
added menu open key (B on keyboard, can be changed from menu)
decreased accuracy of Ai
fixed issues with Personal Stash
fixed an issue where MC Business GUI would not change when entering a different MC business
fixed a major issue where the decimal point value would need to be a full stop, now decimal point can now be any value
doomsday Facility hatches now are disabled on playing Crate missions (there is a crate mission where a doomsday Hatch is in paleto bay, when they were enabled AI would not be able to move)
fixed weed farm drug den stash not being in the interior
2.0 : Gangs OF LS
2.0.1 fixed some minor isues with lieutenants not wanting to buy drugs
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