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This mod replaces the grayed out weapon icons (in the weapon wheel or when you are in a vehicle) with colored icons. It is now complete and all weapons are colored (including the latest DLC weapons).

GIF: http://i.imgur.com/KifXYTN.gif

This mod also includes a backup of the original files, in case you want to rever the changes and go back to the old grayed icons (recommended to play safely online).

If you like this mod, consider downloading my other mod that combines all my coloring mods:
• Colored Weapon Icons
• Colored Radio Icons
• Colored Map Blips

Download here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/colorful-hud

1. Download OpenIV from www.openiv.com, install it and open GTA V for Windows.
2. Go to update/update.rpf/x64/patch/data/cdimages/scaleform_generic.rpf
3. Click on the "Edit Mode" button on the top bar.
4. Then click on the green plus icon that says "Add new file" and import the 'hud.ytd' and 'mp_big_message_freemode.ytd' provided by this mod (you can find these files inside the 'Modded YTD' folder).
5. Close OpenIV and start the game!

Feel free to do the same thing with the original files located inside the 'Backups' folder provided by this mod in order to revert the changes and go back to the old grayed icons. This is recommended if you want to play online, as Rockstar doesn't allow any modded files, even if it's a texture.

NOTE: Make sure you have the latest version of ScriptHookV, otherwise the game will crash when you try to run it. Also, make sure to enable the ASI Loader and OpenIV.asi through OpenIV in order to enable the game to read modified .rpf files. To do so, run OpenIV and go to Tools > ASI Manager and install ASI Loader and OpenIV.asi

WARNING: Even though these are just texture mods, you can still get banned for playing online with them, so avoid going into Online mode while using this mod or any other mod.

• Small tweaks and improvements to some icons.

• Updated the mod to color the latest weapons up until the Festive Surprise Update of 2015.

• Added an alternative version of the icons with more contrast and saturated colors. There are now two versions: 'Realistic' (the old one) and 'Saturated' (the new one). Pick whichever suits you best!

• Official release (no longer WIP)
• Added a GIF that shows the before and after the coloring
• Colored the Firework Launcher
• Colored the Heavy Rifle (unreleased weapon)
• Colored the Assault MG (unreleased weapon)
• Colored the Thermal Device (used in the Pacific Standard Heist)

• Tweaked the Special Carbine
• Tweaked the Assault Shotgun
• Tweaked the Musket
• Tweaked the Marksman Rifle
• Recolored the AP Pistol
• Recolored the SMG
• Recolored the Micro SMG
• Recolored the Pump Shotgun
• Recolored the Heavy Shotgun
• Colored the Bullpup Rifle
• Colored the Vintage Pistol
• Colored the Gusenberg Sweeper

• Recolored the Homing Launcher
• Recolored the Proximity Mine
• Colored the Special Carbine
• Colored the Marksman Rifle
• Colored the Heavy Shotgun
• Colored the Heavy Pistol

• Increased the saturation and improved the colors of some weapons
• Colored the Musket
• Colored the Homing Launcher

• Colored the Railgun
• Colored the Hatchet
• Colored the Antique Dagger
• Colored the Broken Bottle
• Colored the SNS Pistol
• Colored the Flare Gun
• Colored the Proximity Mine
• Colored the Snowball (yes, really)

• Tweaked the Baseball Bat
• Tweaked the Carbine Rifle
• Tweaked the Sawn-Off Shotgun
• Tweaked the Pump Shotgun
• Tweaked the Deagle grip
• Tweaked the Cannon Bullets and the Rockets/Missiles
• Further improved the coloring on the RPG
• Colored the Advanced Rifle
• Colored the Assault SMG
• Colored the Bullpup Shotgun
• Colored the Combat MG
• Colored the MG
• Colored the Assault Sniper (unreleased weapon)
• Colored the Programmable AR (unreleased weapon)
• Recolored the AK47
• Recolored the Grenade
• Recolored the Assault Shotgun

• Added the colored icons to 'mp_big_message_freemode.ytd' (this will color the icons of the weapons when you are in a vehicle)
• Tweaked the RPG to add more detail
• Tweaked the Sniper Rifle and Heavy Sniper
• Colored the Minigun
• Colored the Cannon Bullets and the Rockets/Missiles icons used in military vehicles
• Updated the Installation Guide text file
• Added the original file for 'mp_big_message_freemode.ytd' in the 'Backups' folder

• Tweaked over 10 weapons
• Colored the SMG
• Colored the Carbine Rifle
• Colored the Assault Shotgun
• Colored the Sawn-Off Shotgun
• Colored the Sniper Rifle
• Colored the Heavy Sniper

• Tweaked the saturation and colors on some weapons
• Remade the RPG
• Colored the Grenade Launcher
• Colored the AK47
• Colored the Pump Shotgun
• Optimized and colored the baseball ball
• Added Changelog.txt

Upcoming Features:
I will try to add the icon for the fire extinguisher, as the game currently does not have one, and I will also create my own colored radio icons and combine these two mods in a single one, so you can use both colored weapon icons and colored radio icons!

Feel free to comment with your opinions and suggestions.
Thank you for downloading and stay tuned for more versions to come!
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