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Vapid Sadler "Pretender" by JRS86 (shoostar)


Extract the contents into your DLCPacks folder, and then add "pretender" to your dlclist.xml file as a new Item. Spawn name is "pretender".


A small group of people decided to use a file decrypter on the FiveM server that I'm a member of, with the apparent intentions of releasing the custom vehicles on that server to this site (and I would assume others, as well). Anyway, I will update this description with some more details later, but I'm trying to release a few of my stolen vehicles before they decide to. Thanks for understanding.

This truck has no LODs, but has many extras, as well as custom wheels that I made in 3DS Max. I tried to keep everything as lore-friendly as possible, but there are a couple other extra parts on here that I converted from 3DWarehouse, such as the grill lightbar, engine, and exhaust.

All windows are breakable, the truck has complete collisions, and retains all the default dirt-mapping from the original vanilla vehicle. The extras inside the truck bed are pulled from the lowrider Buccaneer (speakers and hydraulics) and Contender (truck bed cap rack), while the rest are just vanilla props pulled from the game itself.

Currently, this truck's vehicles.meta file is set up to pull a number of custom trailers that can be found both on GTA5-mods.com, as well as on various FiveM servers. I also left the two original vanilla trailers that it can pull by default.

There are still a couple minor things left to do on this truck, mainly pulling the front suspension arms in to meet with the frame, as well as redoing the original front headlights so that they're properly molded into the body itself (rather than just being painted covers, as they are now). I also want to recreate the badges that say "V8", as the engine I put in it is actually a V6. Other than that, it's basically a finished truck. Sorry for the quick/sloppy release, but again, I intend to fix this as well as update this description a bit better.
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