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Pro-Mod Stallion by JRS86 (shoostar)


The first car I ever owned was a '72 Olds Cutlass, and I wanted to have something in game that was similar to it, but still lore-friendly. So I took to rebuilding the front end of the Stallion, but ended up going overboard and just rebuilding the whole car from the ground up as a Pro-Mod dragster (probably Outlaw class or unlimited modifieds, right?). Anyway, suffice to say this looks NOTHING like my old POS beater with a heater, but it still came out pretty decent. Here's a quick list of everything done to it:

CHASSIS: Tubbed rear end, 4-link suspension with heavy-duty axle and drag slicks; new suspension and wheels on front
INTERIOR: Kevlar racing seats, full roll-cage, B&M street/strip shifter, manual trans-brake, tons of extra buttons/switches
ENGINE: Rumbling engine with (partially) animated belts/pulleys, 6x TURBOS, full ECU and electronic fuel injection, tons of other parts
SOUND: Customized engine sounds based off the Drift Tampa (tampa2); roughly 3db louder with a screaming blower sound (recorded from a real blower during benchtesting)
HANDLING: Semi-realistic handling; 4 speed transmission, small wheelies (less than a foot off the ground), 220mph+ top speed, limited turning ability
LODs, COLLISION, DIRT: Still working on these, but L0 and L1 exist for all models, most of the collision modelling works, dirt mapping still needs some love, breakable glass

Manual Transmission & Steering Wheel Support by ikt


UPCOMING: Better sound blending (especially at idle/low speeds), better collisions, better dirt maps, LIVERIES (3 are nearly finished!), tunable parts (rather than extras), new transmission and oil pan models, minor tweaks to handling


-Extra 1: steering column mounted tach w/shift light and boost pressure
-Extra 2: carbon roof vortex generators
-Extra 3: custom rear wing (trunk is permanently welded shut)
-Extra 4: wheelie bar
-Extra 5: packed parachute
-Extra 6: removable livery layer (COMING SOON!)
-Extra 7: removable window tags (COMING SOON!)

-Primary: body
-Secondary: accents, roll cage, wheel hubs
-Wheels: wheels
-Interior: seats only


The folder named "promod_stallion" goes here:

Find the file named "dlclist.xml", located at:

Add the following line of text to the bottom of the list, after the last 'Item':

Spawn car with a trainer (manually enter name): promod_stallion


SOUND FILES optional
The .OAC file can be uploaded here (be sure to back up your old sounds first, if you don't trust using just the Mods folder):

To upload the sounds, delete the "tampa2.awc" file that you find in this location (do this first to help verify the new one uploads correctly!). Then, right-click in the directory and click the "Import openFormats", and select the included .OAC file. OpenIV will attempt to upload the .OAC and accompanying folder with all the .WAV files, and should automatically generate a new .AWC in OpenIV.

If you want to use this sound pack on any other vehicle, open that vehicle's vehicles.meta file and change:
to tampa2
(or change the name between the tags if there was already something there)


PARACHUTE optional
This car is compatible with Eddlm's Drag Racing Parachute mod, found here:
Drag Racing Parachute by Eddlm

Simply drop the included "promod_stallion.ini" file into the DragParachutes folder, found here:
Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\DragParachutes


This is my first car. I know there are still a number of issues with it, and probably more I'm not aware of. While I appreciate any critique, please bear that in mind, and don't be a twat about it. If there's something that needs fixing, just kindly let me know, and I'll be more than happy to get it fixed ASAP!

This car is locked for a reason; no, I will not unlock it, and no, you may not have/buy any parts off it.
Please don't steal any of my mods. While 90% of it is based on vanilla parts, I still spent all the time and effort to get this mod to where it is, and have been kind enough to share it freely with all of you on GTA5-Mods.com.

However, I don't care if you want to use this on a FiveM server; hell, I encourage it!

Injector hat, turbo housings, and shifter all available freely online; I make no claim to modelling these, only modifying and texturing them to suit my needs.
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