LSPD Vapid Interceptor Pack (Torrence) Slicktop, Lore Valor and Unmarked [Add On] 5.0a

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"Deep in the night, you make a beeline back home and floor it. Not a moment later - red-and-blues pierce the darkness right on cue and you're enjoying a facebuster against the cruiser's hood. Such is usually one's first experience with a slicktop - with their pants down. And then, the cruiser disappears into the abyss, with you to tell the tale - if you didn't get a buckload of justice beforehand, that is."

This pack tries to emulate the real LAPD Taurus as close as possible, while being lore-friendly.

Comes witha Slicktop unit and a new Interceptor with Ilay’s lore Valor, as it was confirmed they are in use by the LAPD recently. Also includes a LSPD SWAT unmarked as of v3.0. The arjent was removed because I collabed with 11john11 on this pack, so to introduce some variety I made the valor version. Arjent version can be obtained from 11john11’s LSPD pack and download it here (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lspd-lssd-pack). LSSD version is disabled, as it was outdated and w/ made a better version here (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lssd-pack-extended). Will reintroduce later with a different lightbar and design, just like I did with the LSPD version.

5.0a Added a few optionals, made the unmarked closer to the irl by removing spotlights, original with spots in in the optional folder. Added original bumper stickers john uses on optionals if you prefer that.
5.0 Asset overhaul, Arjent version replaced by valor, LSSD temporarily disabled
4.0 Asset overhaul with modules by jacobmaate
3.1 Fixed minor texture settings for better LODs. Thanks to Vx5 Voltage for guiding me and ReN for finding and reporting the issue. Swapped the arjent glass texture for the vanilla. Old still available as an optional if that's your preference.
3.0 Added LSSD and Unmarked versions. Minor improvements to previous models.
2.2 Livery Overhaul. Tilted the Logo like the IRL Taurus. Added Unique unit numbers

Spawn Name: police3slick; police3a, police3umk

If you have resources in this pack and I left you out of the credits message me and I'll add you


11john11 - liveries, trunk equipment, wheel models, siren settings,Trackify stolen vehicle tracking system,improved console setup, mini front flashers,
Jacobmaate - antennas, new lore dashcam
EVI, bravo-one-charlie - lightbar feet
Allen - New Torrence model
AlexanderLB - Various LSPD decals, Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture, police computer texture,
Crizby - bumper stickers
IlayArye - Lore Friendly Valor Lightbar
actuallytoxic - spotlights, TA, front bumper
Dipierro - Recruitment sticker
Vx5 Voltage - Dispute bumper sticker on optional folder.
Nachtfliege/Nacho - interior light model, police radio fixes, interior divider
Skitty - Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model, interior front dash lights
MyCrystals - Funny description

Models are unlocked. If you want to use resources from here in a public mod, please ask the original authors for permissions.
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