Invetero Coquette Vice [Add-On | Tuning | Liveries] 1.1

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"Let's not beat around the bush. You are far too young to remember the eighties, and it doesn't matter how many Jack Howitzer movies you've watched or how many glam rock ballads you have on your playlists. But while nostalgia is a poor replacement for a personality, we don't concern ourselves with who you are or what you do in your free time. We're here to sell you a fantasy, and this is the stuff of dreams right here. We don't condone the use of illicit substances when driving this vehicle... But it is advised to do so, for the authentic experience. Have fun."

The Invetero Coquette Vice is a sports car primarily based on the Chevrolet Corvette C4, with original design cues based on a sketch by SilentSoul21 at Vanillaworks as well as the Banshee featured in Vice City. It features several customization parts, including recreations of popular Corvette kits, 4 unique sports wheels, various liveries recreated from real Corvettes, and a convertible option.

Spawn Names: coqvice and coqvice2 for the convertible version.

1.1 Fixes:
- Fixed the dashboard dial transparency
- Fixed the dashboard lights not working correctly
- Fixed the windows' inability to be affected by bullets or collisions
- Fixed the Gang Coquette livery mapping


Ydro - Initial porting process, bug-fixing
WibFlip - Bug-fixing, several customization parts
Daerius - Several customization parts
RooST4R - Implementation of AO to all parts, underbody remodel, bug-fixing
LamboFreak - Custom engine and exhaust audio
Eddlm - Custom handling
Engetsuka - Full porting of livery-mapped parts
Dani02 - Minor adjustments
Da7K - Bug-fixing
Jerkov - Bug-fixing
Rodger Dodger - Minor adjustments, wheel porting, bug-fixing
Smukkeunger - Livery mapping, customization porting, wheel porting, bug-fixing

Livery Credits:

HeliosAxitro - Patriot Edition (Normal/Alternate) / Gang Coquette / Team FlyUS #85 / Patriot Beer Racing #99 / Lozspeed Decals (Black/White) / Racing Stripes (White/Black/Red/Blue/Gold) / Negative Racing Stripes (White/Black/Silver) / Team Southern San Andreas #9

GogoDG - Vice City Nights / Street Basher / Ravenous Helga / Dungeon Domination /
Corvus / I Need Speed (Normal/Inverted)

Dayashi - SSA Super Sport Series Race Car / SSA Super Sport Series Street Style

TheSecretPower - Red Flames / Blue Flames / Princess Flames

Sangckrona - Team Bilkinton Research #79 / Endo Tuning

Smukkeunger - Simple Globe Oil / Saki

Photography Credits:

HeliosAxitro - #2
Sealyx - #1, #2, #14
AbsolutelyHalal - #5
Ambient - #6
Wulffo - #8 and #15
Dnero - #3
xnpuheva - #9
NastyWiNN3R - #4, #13
AnnisSavestra - #7, #10
RisaDriftR - #11
KSeongHun - #12
Jared - #18
Capimeen - #16
Darkk - #17

Open the ZIP archive and drop the folder coqvice into mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\
Then go to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data and add the line:


to dlclist.xml.

Disclaimer: If you would like to add this vehicle to your FiveM server or modify it in some other way, please contact me on the Vanillaworks Discord first.
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