1973 Chevy Caprice Nip Donk [Add-On / FiveM] 2.0 2.5

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DISCLAIMER: This model was NOT originally created by me. I have HEAVILY modified it. The ORIGINAL model was purchased and provided unlocked by @Tigbel. ALL parts I used to modify this vehicle were either created by me, purchased by me or acquired in a trade for work. With THAT being said if there is a part that you KNOW you created and want the proper credit for it I have NO ISSUES doing that. No arguments necessary.

Link to Original model: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/1973-caprice-hd

Alright, so I originally released the 1.0 version of this back in May when I was still super new to ZModeler. I figured it was time for an update and I put a lot of work into this. This model was built for the drag strip so it's ridiculously fast and does not flip over like Nip Donk 1.0. Only 1 version this time but I may build a handling line for cruising if enough people want it. Unfortunately the model is locked and I will not be providing a model without the stickers/logo due to people passing off the Nipdonk 1.0 version as theirs. I appreciate all positive comments and constructive criticism. I hope you all enjoy this :) I have a FIVEM server if any of you want to enjoy more models like this. Modifications were all done by me and are below. Please read the README files for additional information. If you use this car in a video CREDIT ME, BRAINSHACK CUSTOMS AKA BRAINSHACK PRODUCTIONS please and thank you :)

LS Motor Swap, LSX Badges, Custom full interior, Custom kicker subs in the
trunk, wheel wells cut to fit bigger rims, forgiato rims, custom
halo lights, custom moonroof, tv visors, headrest tv's, 2 custom
tv monitors in trunk, custom brake calipers custom meta files

Installation Instructions (ALSO LOCATED IN README FILE.)
Single Player:
1st Part
1. Open OPENIV
2. Go to: Mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
3. Drag and drop brainshack folder into dlcpacks folder

2nd Part
1. Open OPENIV
2. Go to: Mods/update/update.rpf/common/data
3. Extract dlclist.xml from data folder to your desktop
4. Open dlclist.xml with Notepad
5. Scroll to the bottom of the list till you see the 2nd to the last
line that says
6. Add this line ABOVE IT: dlcpacks:/brainshack/
7. Now bottom three lines should look like THIS below:

(NOT sure why this part isn't showing up correctly here so PLEASE refer to the README file located within the car files for all the proper instructions)
8. Save dlclist.xml to your desktop and drag back into the OPENIV
data folder. (Make sure the edit button is enabled in OPENIV)
9. Close OPENIV and start game. Type brainshack into your trainer
to spawn NIPDONK 2.0


1. Drag and drop brainshack folder into your resources folder.
2. Open up server.cfg file and add "start brainshack"
3. Save server.cfg and start server.
4. Spawn name will be brainshack.

LS Motor Swap, LSX Badges, Custom interior,Custom subwoofers in the
trunk, wheel wells cut to fit bigger rims, forgiato rims, custom
halo lights, custom moonroof, tv visors, headrest tv's, 2 custom
tv monitors in trunk, custom meta files


Enable your neons to see the engine, subwoofers and interior lit
up at night.

UPDATE: You all wanted a version that wasn't so fast so I've uploaded a "street" edition so you can cruise instead of it being built solely for the strip. "DRAG DONK" has the super fast drag handling. "STREET DONK" is the cruising version albeit still fast as well. Both versions are available within this download. Hope you all enjoy. :) Make sure to follow Brainshack Customs on FB.

BIG THANKS to TIGBEL for purchasing original model and providing
it unlocked!
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