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    @RanditoCarlito uzi pistol is literally just micro uzi but in civilian semi-automatic closedd bolt version,
    it even says "Micro Uzi" on the top cover of the gun..... IMI produces both full auto ones, and semiautomatic ones for civilian market. The full auto ones just usually have stocks, to handle the full auto recoil but those can be taken off too just like in the pistol variant. If you don't believe me, all of this can be read also from Wikipedia almost word to word.

    28 декабря 2021
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    @RanditoCarlito there are stockless versions of micro uzi too...

    18 декабря 2021
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    @GlintLeGulag Also yea, i will go and make my own. By changing these
    Not like i even asked you to change it from the beginning.
    Just a honest rating, which was even higher than you deserved.

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    @GlintLeGulag Then don't say it's "True Glock 18 experience" or like on textfiles "Authentic". Because it isn't at all, Glock 18 don't shoot this fast. Its 1,100-1,200 rounds per minute. But yea most of it wasn't related just off-topic, out of boredom & honestly admit being just high af. Since there really isn't any other way to request that much, from all people who make mods combined.

    But i already am doing my part making GTA more GTA, as seen from the profile (related to that "go make your own glock tattoo whateverthefuck bro"---btw talking like a true child with dad issues🤦‍♂️), & the rating is STILL related. Your own words being on pinned comment, about the capacity being 100. To which like i said 100 isn't true. Not even on that single drum, shit has nothing to do with "other people's mods". So what the fuck you don't seem to understand about the rating? it could be even lower since you we're such a dick about it, when i was being cool from the start but i don't sink that low.

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    @sphynx69 ikr? if you ever figure how to do it, can you _please_ help me too. I'd be very grateful !!

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    @NLTFxCJ because the stock is connected to the slide... that goes back when the bullet flies out, so it would literally make the gun even more inaccurate and really painful to shoot lmao. Like normally the stock is attached on non moving part like the frame on pistols, so it gives the gun more stability sine the stock itself stays in that permanent position. So you see if the stock would be on the slide of the pistol, not only the shooter would feel the same recoil as on any gun because of the bullet leaves from the barrel, but also the recoil of the stock that's connected to the slide.

    Basically making the stock completely useless, it would just make in literally ten times worse to shoot. Since the stock goes back and forth because of the recoil, making it impossible to keep it steady when you'd be shooting this
    thing the stock would move also lol. I think the creator of this mod, clearly was inspired of the real life kit for glock models named "B&T USW-G17". But if you look from google images, that's what i mean how it's done properly in order to work.

    20 октября 2021
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    No hate, but the soundtrack really messes up hearing the modified rate of fire. Which at least with the song on top sounds wayy too high, compared to real life full auto Glock. Unless its not intended to be realistic, just like the 100 round capacity single drum magazine. I wish somebody on this website would make Glocck 26 or 27 model, with autosear to make it more of a gun of choice that those gang bangers often like to use but in GTA 5. Since its easily concealable, if you keep the long stick mag on other pocket and one in chamber safety off.

    Its really fast to pull, and be ready to use as machine pistol if a group of rivals come. Actually pretty much any pocket pistols, sawed-off shotguns, revolvers, and basic bolt-action hunting rifles(not the fancy ones) meaning the usual guns, that in most countries including USA are the easiest to get for criminals. Also the FGC-9 model, which is 80% 3d printed and rest parts can be bought from hardware stores that stands 9mm ammunition just like any other gun. Would be INSANE, if somebody would be the first one to make that.

    Because that gun has been on the news recently a lot, and not many modders make that kind of more realistic arsenal. That the criminals usually have, and i'm too potato to learn modeling by myself without help. Even though i've had bit education on it, and messed with those programs some gun models changed from others (without blowback animations in GTA 4) But i just doubt that nobody would want to help in it, just for fun and i get it.. It just feels like GTA 5 criminals use guns, that doesn't really fit in the game environment you know? Same goes with their clothes, tattoos,

    20 октября 2021
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    i will never understand the reverse suspension

    18 сентября 2021