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    I was able to figure out the problem with scripthook.NET. I deleted BOTH dll files in the C:\V Creator\Files\DLLS directory and replaced it with the most current version of scripthook.NET and compiled this new test code to get a ped to follow me that I aimed at. Works flawless! Thank you

    using System;
    using System.Windows.Forms;
    using GTA;
    using GTA.Native;
    using GTA.Math;

    public class Main : Script
    /// These variables are for Mod Information on startup
    bool firstTime = true;
    string ModName = "MOD NAME";
    string Developer = "YOUR NAME";
    string Version = "1.0";

    public Main()
    Tick += onTick;
    KeyDown += onKeyDown;
    Interval = 1;

    private void onTick(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Mod info
    if (firstTime)
    UI.Notify(ModName + " " + Version + " by " + Developer + " Loaded");
    UI.Notify(ModName + " created with ~g~FIFASam's~w~ \"GTA 5 Mod Creator\"");
    firstTime = false;
    // start your script here:


    private void onKeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
    if (e.KeyCode == Keys.J)
    Player targetPlayer = Game.Player;
    Ped playerPed = Game.Player.Character;
    PedGroup playerGroup = playerPed.CurrentPedGroup;
    Entity targetPed = targetPlayer.GetTargetedEntity();
    bool isPed = false;

    isPed = Function.Call<bool>(Hash.IS_ENTITY_A_PED, targetPed);

    if(isPed == true)
    Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_AS_GROUP_MEMBER, targetPed, playerGroup);
    Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_COMBAT_ABILITY, targetPed, 100);
    UI.Notify("Ped Added");

    } // anything inside of the brackets happen when j is pressed


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    Also crashes when selecting Downloads > Community .NET Hook & NativeUI
    ScriptHookV & VCreate Update menu items work though

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    Download, extracted to root C drive, out of the box sample script provided and build to test... Got this. Any solutions?

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    Best companion mod out there imo because I don't have to open menyoo and thumb through a bunch of menus to make someone follow my player. One suggestion though, make the voice default to the one used by the player or skin I choose. I have a female skin I use sometimes and it sounds batty hearing Franklin's voice lol.