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This mod lets you drop various proximity mines from various vehicles as long as you have the required vehicle mod equipped, just like GTA Online.

In case you don't know the proximity mine types, check out this video by Onespot Gaming.

Put the contents of the archive you downloaded into your GTA V folder.

If your vehicle is supported and has a proximity mine mod equipped, pressing the horn key (E on PC) should drop a mine.

Supported Vehicles
These vehicles drop explosive mines only:
- apc
- dune3
- halftrack
- tampa3
- insurgent3
- technical3
- khanjali
- speedo4
- mule4
- pounder2

These vehicles can drop kinetic/spike/EMP/slick/sticky mines:
- bruiser, bruiser2, bruiser3
- brutus, brutus2, brutus3
- cerberus, cerberus2, cerberus3
- dominator4, dominator5, dominator6
- impaler2, impaler3, impaler4
- imperator, imperator2, imperator3
- issi4, issi5, issi6
- monster3, monster4, monster5
- scarab, scarab2, scarab3
- slamvan4, slamvan5, slamvan6
- zr380, zr3802, zr3803

Special vehicles:
- jb7002 (can drop spike and slick mines)
- rcbandito (can drop kinetic and EMP mines)

It is also possible to add mines to other vehicles by editing the XML file that comes with the mod, as long as the vehicle has mods for mod type 9.
Check the GitHub repository for more info on v-spmines.xml/default_data.xml.

- Script Hook V
- GTA V version 1604 (Arena War) and above

Source code is available on GitHub.
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