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This mod adds the Los Santos Slasher mystery from GTA Online, which gives the Navy Revolver to the player upon completion.

Put the contents of the archive you downloaded to your GTA V folder/scripts/.

- Everything should be identical to GTA Online. Check this GTA Wiki page for more information. (and clue locations)
- Each found clue will give $5,000 and taking out the slasher will give $50,000. (configurable)
- Since mods can't modify Ammu-Nation, the Navy Revolver will spawn and respawn as a pickup at all safehouses except Floyd's Apartment after you've completed the challenge.
- 50 Kills Challenge is not included.

- CLUE_REWARD: Amount of money received for finding a clue. (Default: 5000)
- KILL_REWARD: Amount of money received for killing the slasher. (Default: 50000)
- USE_FMM_AS_KILLER: Whether the freemode male model (with the slasher outfit) should be used. If set to false, Rockstar's intended slasher model (a_m_y_salton_01) will be used instead. (Default: True)

- The Diamond Casino Heist DLC
- Script Hook V (and its requirements)
- Script Hook V .NET v2.10.10 (and its requirements)
- AreaLibrary

Recommended Mods
- Cleaner Navy Revolver

- Rockstar Games - Well, everything.
- HeySlickThatsMe - Lots of development discussions.

Source code is available on GitHub.
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