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Because F.R stands for First Response, not Furious Ramming.

This script aims to help make LSPDFR chases less crazy, helping the NPC cops behave themselves while chasing suspects. Check out the full description in the LSPD:FR page.

  • NPC Cops won't ram the suspects ever again.
  • NPC Cops will slow down when passing by you, preventing accidents this way.
  • If the player is close to the fleeing vehicle, NPC Cops will allow the player to be the primary unit, leaving some space between them and the suspect's vehicle They will take primary position again if the player falls too far behind.

LSPD:FR 0.3.1

How does it work?
Basically the script slows down cop vehicles based on the circumstances, not much more. Check the sourcecode below.

Place "SaferChasesRPH.dll" and "SaferChases.ini" inside the \Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\LSPDFR\ folder.

You can change multiple settings inside "SaferChases.ini" to tune the script's behavior to your likings.
  • Finetune how fast cops can pass by you [speed in KM/H]
  • Allow Primary Unit support [enable/disable]
  • Prevent the NPC cops from ramming the suspects[enable/disable]
  • Debug notifications [enable/disable]

Not a bug, but can be annoying. If you are using the Allow Primary Unit feature, the cops behind you aren't as smart as they should and can easily crash into things, specially in the city. You can disable this feature in the .ini configuration file.

  • Experiment on more, better ways to approach the issue this script adresses.
  • Add more features people suggest

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