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This script bring the pull out animation if you choose any Pistols .

Inspired by Strapped by @jedijosh920:

Requirements :

Pickups By @infamousSabre

Strap in the back of your pants by @theGanjaFarmer

Installation :
1) Install Pickups (optional)
2) Install Strap in the back of your pants and copy the slot file inside Pickups Folder in GTA V main folder ,

If you already have Pickups installed simply copy the lines from "Slots" file in
Strap in the back of your pants to yours .
Make sure to replace your Pistol slots .

3) Drop the file of Put Your Gunz Out to your scripts folder .

4) To add a gun :

open ini file with a text editor

find the name of your weapon (exemple : WEAPON_HEAVYSNIPER_MK2)

let's say i want to pull out from my back so i add line :

under WEAPONS_PISTOLS_3 section


Enjoy !!
Change log :
Version Beta
No Pullin

Version 1.0

Pull in added.
Animation time rectified

Version 1.1
Added Some riffles and Combat Mode simply press H to toggle.

combat mode = false mean if your not in combat and have no wanted level

Version 1.9.0
Added ini file as requested .

Now you have 4 animation (3 for Pistol,1 for riffle on back)

you can choose the gun to assign to the animation of your choice.

Removed Combat Mode.

Don't forget that this script is based on Pickups and for controller player if you need a button for the animation please tell me in comment or there is some similar script (keyboar based)
on this site.

Updated to the latest Scripthook.dotnet2.
fixed riffles section in ini file.
fixed animation still playing for riffles even if the section is empty .
fixed animation playing in water.
fixed firing during the animation.
Changed riffle animation , (if you find a better one please let me know in comment section).
faster animation and more precise in grabbing.

I wanna a give a Special Thanks to @HKH191 For helping me and finished the code .
And @Konijima for giving me some tips .
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