Player Companion 2.2.2 (Fix no AI in Compound-Setup 1 of Cayo Perico Heist)


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Player Companion is an expanded version of Hunk's Buddy Control, re-written from scratch, the mod allows you to have a bodyguard/friend/girlfriend in GTAV, hangout with your Companion to unlock new activities

with a high enough reputation you will unlock new activities, Yoga, Arm Wresling, Private Dance and much more, when not on a date or hanging out with your Companion you can find your companion in their house (or in yours if you have the option unlocked), if you want access to their house you will have to increase your relationship with your Companion, but dont worry you can call the Player Companion Contact in your ingame phone to organise a date.

you will have 3 stats which will affect what activities you can do
Relationship : Relationship is the first stat it will mainly control everything, unlocking events and interactions, will gradually increase overtime, but will slowly increase while wanted.

Combat : Combat is the second, this one will increase when your companion engages someone in combat, it also controls how much health your companion has, it increases more while wanted.

Adrenaline : Adrenaline is the last stat, it increases while doing dangerous activities, such as driving fast, drifting, hitting jumps etc.

to make a ped your companion walk up to them and you should be prompted to make that ped your companion, the mod also has over 30 Preset outfits for MP male and MP female that spawn in the world, for your choice of making one of them your companion!

Drag the conents of the Player Companion Zip to scripts folder, if you dont have a scripts folder create one
Install Scripthookv and Scripthookvdotnet, and change ReloadKey=Insert in scripthookvdotnet.ini
Install LemonUI for SHVDN2 in scirpts (Drag the contents of SHVDN2 folder into scripts, PDB and DLL)
intall Enable All Interiors and ONCE IN GAME, Hit Insert to Force MP maps to load

1.0 (5mods Release)
Added ability to allow Companion to stay over

fixed hair not being reset
Companion now wanders away if no nearby road is detected when pressing F11 to end date

better controller support
fixed bugs

fixed more bugs
added ability to apply/save tattos for MP peds
added advanced Face options
added 15 new house locations

fixed missing USEPHONETOSELECTNEWCOMPANION in Data.ini, you can either download 1.3.1 or add it this 'USEPHONETOSELECTNEWCOMPANION = false ' to data.ini (without quotes)

customizable keys
fixes to clothing menu

bug fixes to not being able to recruit a companion when NOT in combat
additions to show first time load message, will now detect ReloadKey, can also be turned on and off via data.ini, Warn_User_To_Press_ReloadKey set to 0 for off, set to 1 for on, SCRIPT WILL AUTO ADD VARIABLE TO YOUR DATA.ini, no need to replace Data.ini
fixes to how long you have to pickup your companion, now you will have 10 minutes, 30 seconds to pickup your companion
added a clock to show how long you have to pickup companion from house/event

fixed first time load message not popping up

added Cayo Perico Heist from Cayo Perico Heist mod
` Partner can do Setup 1 - 5 and Finale, Partner will be counted as AI1/Ai A
` Partner can grab valuables
8 player Poker
` fixed AI not being able to raise the bet
added Yacht from Galaxy Super yacht mod
` added Sex Scene Position on Yacht
` Partner can now use Jacuzzi on Yacht
` rearranged menus on Yacht so a minor bug is removed
` added 8 Player Poker Table to Yacht
` Removed Business menu from Yacht
` Player Can customize look of your Yacht via the bridge menu on yacht
` added Private Dance to chairs in Second bedroom on Yacht First floor
` added Pole Dance to Private Dance Locations
` added an option to save and load last clothes that your partner has worn

Fixed a bug where the player could spawn at the players position when not on a date, when getting near yacht
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 2.2.2 (Fix no AI in Compound-Setup 1 of Cayo Perico Heist) (current)

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 2.2 (Cayo Perico Fix, Yacht Door Fix)

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1 января 2022

 2.1 (Fix Bug with Yacht)

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 2.0 (Yacht, Cayo Perico Heist & More)

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 1.4.2 (Bug Fixes)

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11 октября 2021

 1.4.1 (Bug Fixes)

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11 октября 2021

 1.4 (Changable Keys)

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8 октября 2021

 1.3.1 (Tattoos, Adv Face Data, Bugfixes)

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28 сентября 2021

 1.3 (Tattoos, Adv Face Data, Bugfixes)

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 1.2 (Controller Support, Bugfix)

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