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Developed By JeffParkerModHD & Jitnaught!
Script Hook V .NET required.
To install just move files over to scripts folder!
Files to move:

What it does is when you have a wanted level it will spawn peds nearbly (enemy peds) that are going to help the cops its in the name lol but if your in the water they wont come if your in the country side or the city they will.

Version 1.0: Release
Version 2.0: Added more features by request or by realism.
Features for 2.0 are:
1. Peds wont drive past you anymore.
2. Peds in upside down vehicle with lowered health their vehicle will explode as if their engine was messed (sorry i do not know car terms lol.)
3. Peds will now utilize their weapons if your wanted level is above 4 stars (5) ... And it is as if the cops could not get you so the pedestrians are thinking i should get my pistol out!
4. For realism purposes the pedestrians pistol will only have 5 rounds.

NOTICE: Why i do not have police working with pedestrians is due to the fact i started the mod and wanted to add pedestrians act more like helpers like in real life so the cops would not really know they were going to help so if they get in front of gunfire they would get shot due to the fact the player would have to of done something bad and threatening so they would not stop shooting but it would still be a tragedy. If the pedestrian gets shot and gets angry they go after cops so that makes the cops think their working with player so they shoot.

NOTICE 2: I just found out that the pedestrian will also fight the police which is is realistic. Why? Due to the fact that they got angry and probably said HEY I AM TRYING TO HELP! then the cops keep shooting the pedestrian then says FUCK YOU TOO! and also that all of this could actually happen.

Why did i make this mod you may be asking?
I made this to add a bit of realism to the game...

I enjoyed this project i hope you did too! :)
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