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With this script you can now purchase and run a meth business.

Go to the orange meth blip marked on your map, purchase the business, set it up and continue to manage it to earn an income.

You will have to keep stealing supplies from all over the map to keep the business in production, these supplies will sometimes be heavily guarded or they could be roaming in random locations.

You also have the option of purchasing supplies. If you chose to purchase supplies, you'll be given a flare gun and you will have to find a discrete open space somewhere and fire it up into the air to signal the helicopter to come and drop the supplies to you. Be careful though, there's a high chance the cops will spot your flare and investigate the area.

Once your business has some supplies, the workers will start producing the meth. Each batch takes around 4-8 in game hours (4-8 minutes). Each batch produced will decrease your supplies and increase your product.

You will have to keep delivering the meth to the buyers and stealing/purchasing supplies to keep everything going. If your product fills up or your supplies run out then the workers will stop. You will receive a notification when supplies are low or there's product ready to sell. You can also see your business stats in the bottom right of the screen when inside of the business.

The interior of the business will slightly change over time, peds will stand around smoking/drinking coffee when they are not producing meth, the shelves will fill up/empty based on the amount of product you have.

You also have the option of upgrades, upgrading staff will increase the quality of product and will increase the amount it will sell for. Upgrading equipment will decrease production time.

When selling product, you have 2 options. $20,000 and $40,000 (This changes based on staff). The lower option will require you to deliver by van to someone on land. You will also have a random chance of being attacked by people trying to steal the product.

If you chose the higher option, this will require you to deliver by plane. This means flying over a smuggler boat and dropping the product attached to a parachute to them.
Make sure you maintain a low altitude to stay off the radar!

If either vehicles are destroyed when attempting to deliver product then it will be lost from your business.

As of update 0.2, there is now the Open Road website from online when using the laptop instead of the old menu. Huge thank you to @danistheman262 for the code to the website, as he's the one that's put it all together.

Copy MethBusiness.dll and the folder "MethBusiness" to your to your games scripts folder located at Grand Theft Auto v\scripts\.
Approach the orange meth marker on your map and press E or right d-pad to enter the business

Legit copy of GTA V with the latest updates installed (This mod loads props from the Diamond Casino Update)
NativeUI - The latest version!
ScriptHookV - The latest version!
ScriptHookVDotNet - v3.03!
MP Maps enabled

Please remember to copy the MethBusiness folder and the script to your scripts folder, the script manages all of your heist data inside here!

I have tested this mod out on a clean install of the game so I cannot confirm if it clashes or doesn't work with certain other mods

If anyone's having problems can you please make sure:

*You're running a legit Steam copy of the game with the latest updates installed.

*You have ScriptHookV & ScriptHookV.NET installed with the latest updates.
(I've only tested it on ScriptHookV.NET V3.03)

*You have NativeUI installed with the latest updates.

If you still have any problems then please send me your ScriptHookV.NET log and I'll take a look in to it and try my best to solve it

Version 0.2 contains lots of changes, bug fixes, new animations, sounds, new website, new waypoints and more.
Version 0.22 & 0.23 contain various bug fixes.
Version 0.24 contains small changes to the plane delivery waypoints.
Version 0.25 contains bug fixes.
Version 0.3 contains bug fixes.
Version 0.4 contains lots of bug fixes, performance improvements and changes to the production timer.
Version 0.5 contains bug fixes and support for the latest Scripthook.
Version 0.6 contains bug fixes.
Version 0.7 contains bug fixes.
Version 0.8 contains various improvements.
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