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This mod was requested by Makinofaman29 (@YT : Makinofaman29), of the old GTA4 scipt Bait Car, now i never had GTAV on PC, but he wanted to see the mod return from GTA4, and i happily obliged to make it in GTAV

Note this mod is still in Beta and might have bugs if you find a bug please contact me here : https://discord.gg/ye9smG3

As i Said this mod is a recreation of the GTA4 script Bait Car, for LSPDFR, BUT does not required LSPDFR to run

this mod allows the player to spawn a bait car , which then they can park, and an AI will eventually steal, which then you can follow or get in a pursuit!

Menu also can be open with F7 ( can be changed in Baitcar/Main.ini)
NativeUI 1.9
IFruitAddon included in ZIp

Put in Scripts Not in Plugins!
minor iixes
now uses IfruitAddon2 NOT IfruitAddon (included in zip
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