GTAutoSprint | Hold "A" to sprint for Xbox 360 Controller 1.1

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//GTAuto Sprint | Toggle A for xbox controller\\
What is It?
It's a simple program/script, that allows you to "Toggle" sprinting,
so You don't need to keep tapping "A" on the xbox 360 Controller.
When enabled, the program will simulate the Left Shift Key presses,
over and over.
1- Put the "scripts" folder inside your GTA 5 main directory;
2- Start the program "GTAutoSprint.exe" and then start the game.
That's It!(Remember, the program won't start without

-"Disable Replay Tools" Mode-
It will prevent that the game start recording replay clips while using the script.
create a disablereplay.stce file inside your scripts folder and start the game.

-"Hold 'A' to Sprint" Mode-
It'll Enable the sprinting while holding A on the controller. It also disable the
"Toggle State" Script Messages.
create a holdtosprint.stce file inside your scripts folder and start the game.
NOTE: You DON'T NEED to restart GTA 5 for .net scripts to be reloaded. Just press "Insert" in-game and
the scripts will be reinjected into the game.

* ScriptHookVDotNet
* .NetFramework 4.5.2
Version 1.1
1- Bugfix: Just some exceptions handling a Performance iprovements in the GTAutoSprint.exe;

2- Added the option to sprint by holding A on the controller.
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