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UPDATE 1.2 (22.11.2017):
• Bug fix: Only the sound for the last vehicle entry of table was actually applied.
• Bug fix: Apply and save button didn't work properly

UPDATE 1.1 (18.11.2017):
• Bug fixes

Have you ever thought "Damn this car is fine, but its engine sound could be better"? I thought the same. I like Michaels Tailgater a lot and I thought, that it would be a nice car with the sound of the Sultan RS, because that engine definietly sounds like it has got some serious power!

With this mod you can basically map/remap/switch/replace the engine sounds of the ingame cars. This also works for Replace and Addon vehicles.

I am aware of the fact, that Menyoo has got a similiar function, but this tool aims to be easy in usage and to manage multiple vehicles, and to save these options for the next game launch.

To manage the relationships between the engine sounds of each car, this mod comes with a windows application (see screenshots), which is inside the folder, which lets you edit these relationships. "Old car name" is the name of the car which engine sound you want to replace, and "New car name" is the name of the car whichs engine sound should replace the cars engine sound of the "Old car name" entry.
In the example in the screenshot, the engine sound of the Sultan RS replaces the engine sound of the Tailgater.

To get the name of the car in which the player currently is in, to properly add it to the relationship table, you can click the "Get" button of the application.

Enter the carnames inside the cell of the table. To delete a entry, select its row and press the "Delete" key.

After you created a relationship between the engine sounds, you can save and apply the current configuration with a button. Then the engine sounds are applied instantly ingame.

This is a .NET mod!
Place the FOLDER which is inside the ZIP-file into your scripts directory. Do NOT extract the folder contents into your scripts directory!

.NET Framework
Visual C++

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