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This plugin makes the headlights flash while you have your siren on or you can toggle them with T without having your sirens on.

Check the Emergency Strobes Configuration.ini file to change various settings and controls.

The patterns can be changed in the Emergency Strobes Patterns.xml file.

-RAGEPluginHook 0.50+

-Drop Emergency Strobes.dll, Emergency Strobes Configuration.ini and Emergency Strobes Patterns.xml into Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\

-The source code of the plugin is hosted on Github.

-Added support for game patch v1290.
-Added support for game patch v1180.
-Added support for game patch v1103.

-Middle brake light in vehicles that have it no longer flashes.

-Added support for game patch v944 and RAGEPluginHook 0.48.
-Added brightness option.
-Added support for brake and tail lights in patterns.

NOTE: this plugin disables headlights and tail lights wig-wags from the vehicle's siren settings while it's active for the plugin to work properly(e.g. the wig-wag from the game the one from this plugin don't interfere). Due to some limitations with RAGEPluginHook it can't disable them in added siren settings(siren setttings above 13), for this one you will need to modify the file containing this siren settings and remove those wig-wags.

-Added support for game patch v877.

-Completely redone.
-Greatly improved performance.
-Added patterns system (modifiable in the Emergency Strobes Patterns.xml file).
-Added UI to display current pattern.
NOTE: due to this version been done from scratch some features from previous versions may or may not have been removed.
If a removed feature is requested it will be added if possible.

-Added strobes effect to the AI emergency vehicles
-Fixed bug where the strobes stopped flashing while you enter your vehicle

-Added wig-wag effect to the headlights.
-Added "Stay On When Exit Vehicle" option.
-Now is possible to turn off the strobes with option "Toggle With Siren On" set to true.
-Removed brake lights flash due to most emergency vehicles already using them in their siren patterns.
-Rewritten in C++/CLI.
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