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Brief summary: The National Guard is the U.S. Military's Reserve Forces. They are the ones who are authorized to operate on U.S. soil, and every state has its own division. Chances are if you see an American Soldier during riots or some kind of disaster, its a National Guardsman. Other Armed Forces are called in only under special orders during a worst case scenario situation to aid the National Guard, the most notable example being the 1992 Los Angeles Riots.


Divisions Included:
•1st Cavalry Division
•Unspecified National Guard
•3rd Infantry Division
•10th Mountain Division
•135th Airborne Division
•2nd Infantry Division
•California National Guard
•Project Arrowhead

"As if the United States Defense spending wasn't already large enough to make America look like the paranoid neighbor who wears a tin foil hat, now our entire Army has been fitted with new, expensive gear that is designed for Middle Eastern combat, but used against whiny activists during riots and protests. That $600,000,000,000 budget has to go toward something, and when the Government runs out of space to store the fleets of Stealth Aircrafts that could kill you from 300 miles in the air, why not invest in new Uniforms. Introduced in 2004, this digital camouflage stands out like a white guy in the hood, but costs enough to produce to meet our annual quota. You may be seen from a mile away, but those attack helicopters we stole from the Russians will take care of that problem. Freedom comes at a price, and when that price is wearing IOTV's that can stop a 7.62mm round in its tracks, and Chemical Masks that make you question whether the Cold War actually ended, you'll be glad you decided to start paying your taxes again."-www.Defense.gov

Current Update Information:
3.8 Vest texture quality improved.

Future Update Information
•Add a standard issue M50 Gas Mask.
•Edit .ymt files for more options.

Other Mods:
Federal Agency Dispatch: Click here
Los Angeles Fire Department: Click here

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•Bad Company

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