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Hosted on github. Includes experimental new limit increases that were found by reverse engineering gta5.exe. All unused SP gameconfig values have been added, online values will be added in a later update for those who plan to use this with FiveM. Big thanks to CamxxCore for sharing his knowledge and helping me better understand IDA and Alexguirre for his research, assistance, and findings.

For the best experience please use this gameconfig with the following mods:

IF you're unsure of what this mod does then you most likely don't need it... Carry on.

Permissions: You may use this in your own mods permitted you give credit and leave all commented lines intact. In fact I'd love to see people add more comments going forward to help the community understand how the gameconfig.xml lines work and what the affects of changing said line does.

Want to contribute? Make a pull request here: https://github.com/pnwparksfan/gameconfig/
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