2 Trains, 2 Tracks: Los Santos Local 1.1

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2 Trains, 2 Tracks: Los Santos Local

Version 1.1 Changelog:

Updated trains.xml for Walter's Overhauled Trains v.3
Updated traintracks.xml to improve braking distances

This mod enables trains on both tracks, meaning two trains can be seen running at the same time. Slow, shorter trains operate on a reactivated line to Mirror Park and along a new line to Davis Quartz. Longer, faster, and more varied trains operate on the default route. Faster trains will safely overtake a slower train if needed, with no collisions between the two. There are locations where the faster express and slower local stop. (See Map for details.) For now, these stations have few if any amenities. This will be fixed in the future.


Map Editor (To load and delete objects)
Menyoo (To make tracks visible)
OpenIV (To install the mod)


Walter's Overhauled Trains - More varied trains, including passenger and commuter trains.
J10's Railroad Engineer Script - A script which lets you drive the trains.


Any mod involving the tram or its route; the tram will disappear.
Stations of San Andreas; This modifies the track files and is thus incompatible.


Place LSLocal.xml in scripts/AutoloadMaps
If the folder does not exist, create it.

If you are using Walter's Overhauled Trains mod, select Overhauled. If not, select Vanilla to find trains.xml

Run OpenIV, navigate to Mods/Common.rpf/data/levels/gta5
Replace trains.xml, traintracks.xml, Train1.dat and Train4.dat

Run GTA5.

Report bugs, thoughts and feedback to the forum!
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