Shrewsbury Extended SMG & Gold SMG [Add-On | Sound | Animated | Tints | Lore-Friendly] 1.0


Extended SMG Description:
Micro SMG's bigger brother. Local gun dealer tells me that it's extremely popular on the streets - he ain't kidding.

Gold SMG Description:
Yusuf Amir's mass produced 9mm Gold SMG with modified internals that exceed it's stopping power. For a man who has everything...

This is a sequel to Rubber Gun mod. This mod adds two new SMG's based on IMI UZI with a new set of attachments.

The Extended SMG is a regular .45 ACB SMG with magazine capacities of 16 and 30, it does 28 damage and it's rate of fire is slow to medium.
The Gold SMG is a modified 9mm SMG with magazine capacities of 30 and 50, it does 25 damage and it's rate of fire is greatly increased.
Both of them come with their own soundsets but they're not much different when compared to Micro SMG.
Both of them support new attachments, including a variety of stocks, a new suppressor and a barrel extension...
Because Gold SMG is well, gold, only Extended SMG supports tints.

Be on the lookout for a sequel to the sequel... the Professional SMG based on Mini Uzi & Uzi Pro, completing this weapon family.

Available tints (Extended SMG only):

* Black
* Green
* Gold
* Pink
* Army
* Orange
* Platinum

Available attachments:

* Folded Stock
* Extended Stock
* Vintage Stock
* Barrel Extension
* Suppressor
* Big Suppressor
* Extended Magazine


* Rockstar Games - Original assets from GTA V, GTA IV TBOGT and Max Payne 3
* That Retro Guy - Original author of the folded and extended stock, i took his work as base and completely revamped it
* Slick (me) - The mod


1.Open the zip and then drag and drop the "slick_extendedsmg" folder to mods\update\x64\dlcpacks.
2.Add slick_extendedsmg entry to dlclist.xml located in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data (Look at original lines for reference).

Weapon spawn names are WEAPON_EXTENDEDSMG and WEAPON_GOLDSMG. I recommend using Zolika's trainer because it automatically detects addon weapons making all of this much easier. Do note that the trainer does not work on latest game versions, so unfortunately you will need to downgrade if you wish to use it. Alternatively you could use Simple Trainer by Sjaak, although you have to set up attachments manually and tints do not work.
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