Lexus SC300 Drift Handling [Definitive]



A New day has come, and for the release of FiveReborn i wanted to share you the new car i'll be using in it


(no in fact it's just that the SokudoChasers team has released a beautiful SC300 and i wanted to to make a drift handlign of it)
It's using the intruder in-game

In the video that will come, you'll see that the car in game is... a toyota Mark II... because of the server-side function
But don't worry ! the handling has been made for the Lexus SC300 (here : https://fr.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/lexus-sc300-tuned) and it works the exact same way as the car in the video

Just be fair please, and don't blame me because of the bad quality, we don't have anymore the R* editor to make our videos so we have to find an alternative, and with my gpu i can't make something better atm
(but don't worry, in the next september i'll certaintly buy the newest RX amd's gpu series, or a beautiful gtx of the new series, i'm just waiting to see which one will be the best)

So, again, to install this handling, go to : mods > update > update.rpf > common > data and replace by this one
If you're using FiveReborn or Multifive, and you're not using the "mods" folder method, go to citizen > common > data > and add the handling file

Hope you'll enjoy it, it works very well on Akina for me, and must work in any maps than is released or will be

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