Improved Carcols for mpassault (Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series) 2.0

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This file improves the mpassault carcols to add more features. Features include:

An option to remove the gun on the Caracara,
Racing interior with all three variants of fog lights for the Issi Classic,
Two roof racks with overhead lights and sunstrip for the Michelli,
Louvers and roof rack for the Cheburek, AND
Bonus camo and Christmas camos for all vehicles with liveries.
And more with the updates!

Thanks to SkyRayzor and jammo2k5 for letting me use their Jester Classic mods!
SkyRayzor's Mod:
jammo2k5's Mod:

This mod does not include any Jester models, just the Jester mods and the Jester texture. I'd recommend using jammo2k5's Jester model, but you can use whatever Jester model you want.

To do:
I'll add just the sunstrip and overhead lights for Michelli once I find a decent name to describe it. DONE!
I may add more exhausts for the Cheburek. DONE!
I'll try to make use of my Zmodeler3 and add some more parts to the Caracara.DONE!
I need to add collision boxes to the new parts for the Caracara.
I will add requests if anyone wants to have something that they currently cannot combine.

What's new in 1.1:
- Added roof rack o' crap for Cheburek (loaded roof rack, louvers, AND roof spoiler for all your Russian ricing needs).
- Added two of the Michelli's exhaust pipes to the Cheburek.
- Added retro lights and rusty retro lights with eyelids for the Fagaloa.
- MOVED Michelli sunstrip to VMT_WING_R which means that you can find it elsewhere (one of the two "fenders" options on Menyoo).

Merry Christmas! Giving you the gift of taking things away from you!
What's new in 1.2:

- Added the option to remove spoilers for the Hotring, Jester Classic, and Taipan.
- Added the option to remove hoods for the Cheburek, Fagaloa, Hotring, and Jester Classic.

What's new in 1.3:
-Added a carcols file that works with Vanilla Works Extended Pack so that you can have your upgraded Jester spoilers and livery.
-MOVED Issi Classic interiors to the dashboard (VMT_INTERIOR3) section which means that you will find them under the Benny's parts on Menyoo.

What's new in 1.3.1:
-Added an option to have more Jester Classic mods and Jester textures from SkyRayzor's Jester DriftNappy mod and jammo2k5's Jester Classic Livery Support mod which is also included in VWE 2.2. If you choose the new Jester mods, keep in mind that it is beta as not all of SkyRayzor's parts are completely done yet. You will also need to use the Jester textures if you want to use SkyRayzor's parts.

CURRENT What's new in 2.0:
-Added Caracara parts made by myself.
-Added the updated Jester3 parts.
-Added an option to remove the front bumper for the Jester3
-Removed the JesterDN intercoolers
-Added new full-body liveries.
-Created four options to install including compatibility for VELP (does not contain the VELP liveries).
-MOVED the two wings from previous VWE compatibility to the JesterDN addition.

All pictures taken with QuantV.
Vstancer and Lore friendly Wheels Pack were used in the pictures.

https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/quantv (Unfortunately, it has been removed by the author.)



Instructions are in the download.
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