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This siren sound mod is also on lcpdfr.com

There are reports that certain audio archives have been muted in game regardless of rather the sound mods were installed properly or not. To ensure that the audio archives for vehicles won't be muted in game make sure that the vehicle.oac file or the vehicle.awc file doesn't exceed over 15.7 MB in size (you can check the size of the vehicle.awc file in OpenIV under RESIDENT.rpf) and make sure that the siren sound audio files have the appropriate bitrate/sample-rate/etc (32000hz, 16bit mono, 512kbps) for the vehicles.awc file.
Hopefully this will resolve the issues regarding muted sirens in game. If not then please let me know so I can farther troubleshoot this. Other than that, please enjoy this siren sound mod!

0x0D329446 - Police Primary (Wail)
SIREN_2 - Police Secondary (Yelp)
0x0EA58C7C - Air Horn (or Generic Bullhorn)
POLICE_WARNING - Hyper-Secondary (or Hyper-Yelp)

Be sure to download the latest version of OpenIV and run it as administrator

1 – Run OpenIV, Select GTA V for Windows. However be sure to locate the folder where the game have been installed.
2 – Find audio file you want to edit by going into x64 folder
3 - Then click on audio folder where you should see one folder and two files.
4 - Click on the sfx folder and then select and click on the file: RESIDENT.rpf
5 - Upon opening the RESIDENT.rpf file, you should see 16 items shown. One of them is the vehicles.awc file.
6 - Right click on vehicles.awc and export to openFormats (.oac) to any folder you like (e.g downloads folder).
7 - Extract the vehicles folder (containing the four audio files of the siren) from the .rar file to the same folder that was exported in.
8 – Afterwards, go to edit mode in OpenIV. There will be a warning upon editing mode so be careful.
9 - Import the .oac file by either draging the file to OpenIV or go to new and click on Import openFormats to select the .oac file then click on open.
10 - Click on ok
11 - Click on edit mode again (if you are in edit mode already) to exit edit mode.
12 - To ensure everything works, click on the vehicles.oac file twice and click on either 0x0D329446 or SIREN_2 to see if the files were successfully replaced.
13 - Exit OpenIV and play GTA V.

If you have any questions regarding this siren mod please let me know in the comments below. I hope you all like this. =)

Update v4.0
- All tones have been re-sampled and are much more louder, clearer, and higher quality with decent looping.

Update v3.1 (August 15, 2016)
- Re-sampled the yelp

- Included a hi-low tone

Update v3.1
- Sampled a wail from new video

- The tones are much louder now

- Fixed clipping found in loop

Update v3.0
This is a complete re-work of the Code 3 RLS siren sound mod to replace the main police sirens in the game.

*Important Note: In order for the sirens to work successfully without the vehicles.awc to exceed over 15.75MB, please extract the fix included in the .rar folder to the folder where you are extracting to for this siren mod. This fix is made by GravelRoadCop on lcpdfr.com*

- Brand new sampled wail, yelp, hyper-yelp and horn

- Included a muted siren fix

(A new hi-low version to be released soon)

Update v2.1
- Reduced file size to fix any issues regarding muted sirens in game (although the audio quality has not been greatly compromised)

Update v2.0
- Reworked on the wail

- The sirens are a bit louder now

- Slightly re-tweaked the pitch of the wail/yelp/hyper-yelp

- Included a hi-low version
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