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- I noticed I had accidentally left in a change that makes the Police Cruiser use the Glendale's sound. This breaks the siren, and I didn't mean to include it, so it's removed now. I recommend redownloading because anyone who had this mod will have broken sirens on the Vapid Cruiser.
- Renamed mod from Benefactor Cars to general cars, as it now includes other manufacturers
- Changed Bravado Bison and all variants to use the Gauntlet's sound
- Changed Vapid BobcatXL to use the Dominator's sound
- Changed Vapid Stanier to use the Granger's sound (works well since it's a Crown Vic, their V8s aren't that loud)

Original Text
Ever been annoyed by the fact that some cars just sound wrong in the game? Well I certainly did. This is a vehicles.meta mod that makes these changes:

Schafter - This is a big E-Class sedan yet it had the same sound as a Tailgater. Now uses the quietish V8 sound from the Glendale.

Schwartzer - This was the worst. It says "V12" on the side but it sounded like a little 4cyl hatchback. Now has the V6/V12 sound from the original Surano. Couldn't find a more accurate sound.

Serrano - This used to sound like a 4cyl as well. Since it's roughly based on an ML63 AMG, it now uses the V8 sound from the Dubsta.

Surano - This used to sound like the Tailgater/Schafter, but it's based on a Mercedes SLS/Jag F Type. Both of those have V8s, so I gave this car the high-revving V8 from the Coquette.

A readme file is included for both fresh installtions, or those who want to combine it with another vehicles.meta mod

Open to requests if anyone dislikes any other car sounds.
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