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  • Fe17bf walkers

    What GTA V needs is some intense destruction that includes more than just cars and crates. High powered rifles should be able to penetrate thin walls. Wooden doors should be able to shred under shotgun fire. Things need to topple over and physics need to hurt more. The vehicle destruction in GTA IV was perfectly done but it’s time they evolve it and take things to the next level.

  • Fe17bf walkers

    One of the worst aspects of the “Grand Theft Auto” games has always been the shooting mechanics, that was until GTA IV. While the over-the-shoulder aiming mechanics have been much improved over previous iterations in the series there’s still some fixing to be done.

    For instance, running-and-gunning wasn’t much of an option in GTA IV because once the trigger was pressed the camera would go back into the over-the-shoulder view instead of letting gamers fire from the hip. This made it especially difficult to shoot while running, even if for the sake of trying to get someone to stop running or to at least attempt to slow them down, whether you were doing the chasing or being chased.

  • Fe17bf walkers

    Rockstar has always managed to surprise and intrigue us with amazing content in their infamously popular “Grand Theft Auto” series. However, not every feature they have added to the game is something that all gamers felt were necessary. For instance, having to go on social calls and constantly being pestered on the cell phone in “Grand Theft Auto IV” left a lot of people annoyed and frustrated. However, the offset of using NaturalMotion’s Euphoria engine attached to Rockstar’s own proprietary Rage engine helped to quell some of the anger about the annoying cell phone feature with amazing animations, NPC AI behavior and advanced character motions.