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    Thanks for making this mod. And +rep for using HEAT screenshot as the cover image lol. Actually when I heard about this mod, the first thing crossed my mind is this movie.
    About the issue, it seems that for each weapon, there is only one sample of the firing sound (without the surpressor)? It's obvious on automatic weapon, as the sound effect lacks variation and feels too robotic. It would be nice if each weapon can have a few more takes of recording, and randomize these takes with each gunshot. This would make it sound more life like.

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    Not sure if it's a bug or my other mod is interfering. After installing, traffic cars frequently just disappear when I get close. It seems to happen to Online-exclusive cars. Really annoying issue. Also, the over traffic density drastically decreased, and there is very obvious repetitive pattern of spawning logic. I would ran into the same pickup truck among every 5-10 cars I met. And also, please add a way to uninstall this mod! @Sparky66