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    @HeySlickThatsMe @ImNotMentaL Yeah on the joy pad, you press the analog stick twice. This is probably because they had less buttons to work with on a controller and pressing the button once is for zooming in more when your aiming.

    The single press prompt is most likely for the keyboard.

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    @ImNotMentaL Nice job, but needs one tweak. In Online it is a double press on the button to use the point.

    As of now it interferes with looking down the scope and zooming in. :( If it matches Online, this will not be an issue.

    15 часов назад
  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    Regarding the edit I made, I figured out what was going on. I noticed that you made the ped say bye to you when you release LT, and they walk away. This seems to have strange behavior when used on a ped who is in a scenario, especially if they're in a group with other people. Like if someone is drinking a cup of coffee or sitting down in a chair, it makes them leave. Would you be able to add a check so it doesn't terminate the scenario the ped was doing when you approached them?

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    @jedijosh920 Hey out of curiosity, would it be possible to prevent the player from entering a fight pose? It seems that GTA V's system is taking over. Sometimes when you lock onto a ped, another ped can get pissed off as the game thinks you are trying to fight the ped you are targeting. There are several ways to avoid this. Note: This would only happen when unarmed.

    Method 1: Block the fight pose animation, but just have the camera lock onto the ped. If the ped isn't an enemy, pressing RT will put you into the fight pose, and pressing again would attack. Essentially the regular system would take over here. If the ped is an enemy, it would behave like the mod does now, till you diffuse the situation.
    I think there is a native that blocks the action mode clip sets, You may be able to use it depending on the situation between you and the ped you're locking on to. So if the ped is an enemy or you've pressed RT while aiming at them, the animation triggers. Also if you are antagonizing a ped, and they decide to attack you, that would also trigger action mode.

    Method 2: In GTA V, you tend to use Right on the D-Pad to interact with things. Perhaps instead holding right on the D-Pad can bring up the prompts instead of LT.

    Edit: I noticed that when I use this mod, peds in scenarios seem to stop. So for example, if someone is standing there with a coffee cup, after I speak to them, they drop it and walk away. They still respond to me. I noticed in the YouTube videos, this doesn't happen. Do you think it could have something to do with me using an MP character with Character Swap?

  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    @TaranVG Neat idea. I never noticed that this was an issue.

    There was one other thing I was wondering about. If you have god mode enabled, along with vehicle auto repair enabled in a mod menu, it seems to have some side effects I was wondering could be fixed.
    -If you are in a convertible with the top down, the repair function seems like it wants to force the top closed. You'll see the roof pop up to the closed position, then glitches back down.
    -If you are in a tank, the repair function snaps the barrel back to center, then it quickly spins back to the direction the camera is facing.
    -When you have the vehicle's windows rolled down, the repair function puts the windows back up. I know the game's native scripts sometimes have the windows rolled down when you are switching to a character for a certain scene. That or if you use a mod to roll them down. Also note, when I say rolled down, I mean the windows are hidden via script. They aren't shot out.
    -Not entirely sure if this last one is related to auto repair or not, but often times when you crash your vehicle, the collision brings you to an unrealistic dead stop. This happens when you are using a realistic handling mod and you are traveling around 200 MPH or above. Slightly side swiping a vehicle or a guard rail will halt you to a dead stop. I even have a custom plane mod which has realistic handling, and sometimes if you hit the runway at a certain angle, part of the landing gear which isn't the actual wheel could slightly scrape on the runway and halt the plane to a stop.

  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    I'm just hoping that this plane can be fixed up so it does not crash the game. Definitely a great plane and being able to walk inside it is amazing.

    Any word on the low poly interior with the HQ one being a mod? I also got a feeling that the collision may be too high poly.

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    @Venkey @oCrapaCreeper That would require a lot of reverse engineering. But you never know.

    GTA VI will most likely have volumetric clouds, or perhaps an even better system. I do think RDR 2's look nice but they aren't as crisp as they could be so I bet in GTA VI, they'll be more crisp looking.

    But by the sound of things, Rockstar wants to keep milking GTA Online. They'll probably continue to do so till the current console generation ends. But they may decide to upgrade GTA V's shaders to the ones RDR 2 uses to get people back on GTA. Usually when a company milks a game for this long, they eventually do this.

  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    I wish flying through the clouds was possible. We would need volumetric clouds for that. It has been done in GTA SA, so who knows.

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    @thebegin10 Additionally, some other features to consider.

    -Rather than spawning teleport markers at the shop, you can unlock the doors. I believe Open Interiors has this functionality.
    -Add the ability to make the markers in the shop invisible so it matches what Rockstar has.
    -Ability to customize and save our character. Additionally, when we load up, it would be sweet if we could switch to them by holding down on the D-Pad to bring up the character wheel. Then you could map it so you press one of the bumpers to switch to our character. When switching, the mod saves the outfit, tattoo's, facial changes, character's location, weapon load out.
    -When we wanna switch back to our SP character, we hold down on the d-pad again, and press a bumper button. Then it will switch back to the SP character we were using with the components and weapons being restored.
    -When switching characters, it uses the sky camera. I believe that these natives are documented on the native db.

  • 46ecd2 ve1youdb 400x400

    Version 1.1 is up. Natural Vision Remastered and Vanilla graphics are supported. They are untested, but the cloud colors should look better with those graphics mods.

    Just install using the folder that matches the version you are using.

    Also if you downloaded V1.0 and installed it on top of VisualV, you won't need to download this version.