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    good but after i instaled this the AI drive like they have no brakes. half of them crash into eachother or into me, like when im just slowing down and braking normally to stop at a light, usually 1/3 times the ai car slows down as well but just bumps the end of my car. it is so annoying. how do i fix? (i use the realistic topspeed version btw)

    30 сентября 2022
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    yo this mod is great, but is there a feature here or another mod that works with this that makes the gas and break pedals a little less sensitive? I have to lightly press W or S if i wanna make it look like im driving normally (I play LSPDFR with this so driving legally is pretty important for me) and even when im pressing these i still here the "vroom" of the engine revving every time i ever so slightly press the gas pedal, and the "screech" from the tires when i press the brake.

    17 сентября 2022