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    can i use this on my FiveM server??

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    @charackthe thanks for replying so quick! also dont blame yourself, its a great mod that you both have worked on,without it we would be stuck to using trainers and vanilla garages lol i can only imagine how hard it is to do the work and find the free time to test, much appreciated :) keep up the great work, im like you, gotta love the vehicles and vehicle storage! have a good day man

    12 сентября 2018
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    @charackthe So ive been doing some testing with the original and the (fix) version, the fix does seem to offer a tad bit better performance, i do have some questions though, maybe someone else has the same issue or it may just be my setup thats causing it, now out of the 4 offices, thethe maze bank west seems to be working great, the 3 levels of the first floor garage work great all the cars go in their right spot ,checks out. now in the other offices it seems that,for me at least, after you get your six vehicles in then add the 7th,which should take it up to the 2nd level it seems to drop it on top of the first, is this a bug? also the arcadius doesnt seem to show up in the mechanic menu which is the feature i love the most. also is there anyway to add the 2nd and 3rd office garage floors to the mechanic list so when i call him he could bring my cars from all the floors instead of just the first? i love this mod and greatly appreciate your time trying to keep it alive, thanks for reading i will continue to do testing nd see what i can come up with.

    11 сентября 2018