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    @Ze-Krush Although it is ridiculous, this is because it was created without UV mapping.
    I didn't know about UV mapping.
    It is impossible now because there is no "Zmodeler3" available.
    However, it may be remade someday:)

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    Weapon and attachment metafiles have changed "Iron Sight Position", "Muzzle Flash Position", and "Load Count".

    If you want to replace it with a "normal battle machine gun", delete "_luxe" from the model file and texture file name.

    The distance between the pistol grip and the clip is far and based on the pistol grip, so the clip appears to float in the air when reloading.

    I made this for me.
    Those mods have been released.
    That may not turn out as you hope it to.
    We kindly ask for your understanding.

    30 сентября 2019