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    There is comments in this mod all over the place about how the dev needs to hold user's hands and explain every little thing to them. Yet, at the same time, the creator miserably failed to remove their ridiculous firewall rules again, after the corresponding options were unchecked, sending their users on a merry chase to figure out, why the fuck their client connection cannot be established, even though there is no longer any trace of this garbage manager on their system.

    Top tier trash tool, thanks.

    10 сентября 2020
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    There are some issues with this car. Texturework is not too impressive, especially the wheels look not that great. There is also a bug with backlights at sunset, they are flickering depending on light vector on the rear lights.

    Still, the car is a great replacer and looks superb in traffic, so despite those issues, which to me are minor, I recommend using this.

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    No interior, transparent doors, etc.

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    You need to use extract.

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    Car has some tryhard-tuning to it for some reason, randomly slapped on large wheels and lies low. I suppose that comes down to personal preference.

    What does not come down to personal preference is the poor interior, transparent mirrors and permanently active (even when everything is disabled) white lights in the brakelights, which is especially horrible with Radiance. All in all this is not a good effort.

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    80+ MB for a Camry in a game that has stability issues related to memory management. What are you, high?

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    Something went wrong. Now I have female lifeguards with a male voice.

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    I second @HyperSin. Car works great and looks good, however none of the police lights work. There was no ELS file delivered, so it is supposed to work using the default police light system, but it doesn't.

    Having installed tons of ELS and non-ELS police vehicles I do not view that as a fault of my own as of now.

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    He was not referring to "what a favela is", pretty much everyone knows that. He was referring to, "why does this mod lack any description whatsoever". Why was this made? Why should I install it? Is something going on in there? Installation guide? What does work, what doesn't yet? Critical bugs?

    I don't get it. Why spend hours and hours on a project, then dump it on the internet without taking 10 minutes to try and sell it?

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    I am somewhat irritated. The car is great, but why does it require ScriptHookNET rather than just ScriptHookV? When I get rid of those the car (in contrast to my other cars) will stop driving upon entering it, including pedestrians. Do you have any information on what is going on there?

    20 февраля 2018