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    @Sorbas - scratch that, i'm a complete bell end, it was JediJosh's new Bullet Impact mod.. Soz mate, your mod's absolutely fine, just tested it thoroughly without the other mod and it's working brilliantly.. my bad :(

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    Love this mod, but getting crashes whilst being pulled over with the latest update..

    Tested with no other police mods installed..

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    ...sorry to be throwing anything else into the mix here, but while playing just now i was struck by something obvious i keep meaning to mention, so i've popped back here just to air it briefly:

    - One of the best things about manual gears is being able to short-shift for a relaxed, smooth ride.

    Especially since the vanilla auto-gearing exclusively long-shifts, which is optimal for maximising acceleration, but too high-strung for relaxed cruising..

    ..and so there's a great, logical opportunity for your mod here, in providing a shorter-shifting mapping at lower throttle input...

    Ideally using the throttle input or acceleration to make a variable that's also a function of the shifting / velocity threshold, so it dynamically responds to how hard you press the pedal..

    Whatever the implementation, being able to short-shift while in auto would be the icing on the cake here.. if a car can roll in 3rd or 4th gear at say 30 MPH, then it should auto-select for the highest gear that provides the minimum required torque, as a human does when manually-shifting.

    That would also really play well to the differing characters of the vehicles, as a function of the power/weight ratios - EG. under gentle acceleration a V8 would naturally reach a higher gear at lower speed than your average in-line 4 like an Emperor..

    So... not suggesting hard-coding two separate shift mappings for each vehicle, only worthwhile if there's a simple way of shortening the thresholds adaptively..

    30 сентября 2017
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    Dropped it into my current game, disabled the mod with "\", got out then back into vehicle, re-enabled with "\" to re-start with the new build, disabled seatbelt in ENT and proceeded to T-bone a cop at ^100 MPH... catapulted thru windshield, but wheel still cramps up at full-lock, unfortunately..

    30 сентября 2017
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    V4.3.10 fixes the issue i had with the Glendale engine volume, thanks again.

    Only minor issue i have now is that my wheel goes into a powered full-lock if i'm thrown through a windshield - only relaxing again once i get into another vehicle. Not a new thing, it's been like this as long as i can remember, and i work around it by disabling 'falling out/off' in ENT.. Still, not a state you'd wanna leave your wheel in for long, especially if the forces are cranked up..

    29 сентября 2017
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    Really appreciate your replies, thanks for responding; so if RDE only includes that one handling.meta, and Killatomate's handling.meta is installed in update/common/data, which includes entries for the police stanier and buffalo, then it seems to me the only place RDE could be sourcing the vanilla R* handling for those cars is in the original update.rpf, rather than KT's one in the mods folder which should supercede all stock car handling?

    But i don't understand how that could be - the vehicles.meta RDE is using doesn't include a path to the handling.meta, and anything in the mods folder should supercede factory files?

    Should prolly drop KT a line, he'd sort this in minutes, but i just can't see how RDE police cars could be using the original R* handling.meta if it's not physically present in the mods folder unless RDE specifically includes a path to it's location in the vanilla update.rpf... unless there's another copy of it somewhere in the mods/update.rpf...

    26 сентября 2017
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    Cheers, i did find that file already but it only seems to hold aircraft handling data.

    What put the bee in my bonnet was climbing into an RDE sheriff stanier and finding it handled like a Tonka toy... faithful to R*'s vanilla physics, but horrible if you're used to realistic physics.. RDE's vehicles.meta says it's using the "sheriff" handling, but it's certainly not the sheriff handling from KT's mod in update.rpf/common/data, so i'm guessing there's some other handling.meta somewhere that defines a different "sheriff" handling for RDE's model...

    OpenIV let's you search for, say, all handling.meta files in your mods folder, but not for their contents, so you can't simply search the whole archive for the word "sheriff", and have to check each handling.meta individually to see if it defines a "sheriff".

    Aside from the sheriff and other police vehicles, there may be other vehicles added or changed - i noticed the taxis around the airport are now bright green, and the installer package weighs in at ~1Gb so i'm guessing there may be quite a few vehicles in there with cartoon handling... and rather than discover them all one by one like this i wanna patch 'em all in one go..

    Might drop Killatomate a line if i don't make any progress on it - he's probably the guy to be asking..

    Maybe i could extract all the RDE handling.meta's from the openIV installer archive, as a way of disentangling them from the ones already in my mods folder?

    25 сентября 2017
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    Any chance of a Killatomate handling.meta for the new vehicles added by RDE?

    Once you've gone Killatomate there's no going back, and the stock handling in RDE breaks consistency, and thus the precious flower of my immersion. Plus it gives the new vehicles an unfair advantage.

    All that needs doing is copying across all the transferable lines from say, KT's police stanier to RDE's sheriff stanier, and likewise using the nearest KT equivalents for all the rest of the RDE vehicles..

    Should take someone familiar with RDE under an hour - though if anyone can just confirm the location of RDE's handling.meta i could even have a go meself..?

    Either way Killatomate handling should be an install option. In fact scratch that, the default install option - with a confirmation warning that pops up if it's deselected.

    25 сентября 2017
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    ...sorry to carry on, couple more things that spring to mind while playing:

    - i'd prefer if the added carbine rifle was optional, as i prefer to only carry a pistol

    - imagine how could it would be if surrounding cops join in by chasing your target; ie. not necessarily spawning them for this purpose, but just causing any cops the fleeing car passes to target / chase them?

    This could really compliment Realism Despatch Enhanced... Your mod already provides the single best chase experience, hands down, but they could be even more epic by naturally integrating with the surrounding police instead of just passing them by.. imagine jostling with a bunch of police vehicles trying to PIT a semi fuel tanker whilst speeding along a freeway, proper Mad Max style..? Or a passing police chopper could help you track the targets in a dense urban environment... likewise, being able to disable the satnav and rely on following other police car sirens and lights to keep track of the target car's direction when out of sight etc., assisting situational awareness while making you feel part of the police team..

    I'm thinking this kind of thing could unfold emergently if it were possible to simply set some flag that caused ambient cops to target the suspects, while continuing to ignore the player, thereby co-opting whatever other police mods might be present such as RDE that react to NPC 'wanted' status..

    24 сентября 2017
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    Really enjoying this mod, thanks so much for sharing!

    One suggestion however would be to enable some way of triggering the chase without a siren; ie. when not in a cop car...? The chases in this mod are its best aspect IMHO, but if you trash your cop car and jump in a civ car instead, you can no longer initiate pursuits, only shootouts, by aiming / firing at their car.

    If it was also possible to initiate the chase by, say, beeping the horn or flashing headlights / hazard lights or something, that'd be awesome.

    It also makes the most of the chase, if you end up pursuing say a souped-up sultan while driving an old banger you just jacked..

    The only workaround i've found for now is to initiate the chase while using a police vehicle, then once the suspects are fleeing, grab or spawn another car. Obviously this only works once per chase - you need to grab or spawn another police car to initiate the next chase..

    One more thing - i use tkdwnsehtk's Police Dominator:


    ..which can initiate chases (since it has a siren), but not trigger this mod (pressing 2, it doesn't recognise this as a police car)... any way to add a list of addon police cars it'll recognise?

    24 сентября 2017