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    Just have to say i love this mod, it's one of the few mods that gives a real sense of purpose to the SP game.

    I do hope the mentioned revisions become available in time - disabling the default taxi missions, etc.

    As for the satnav bug, i find it's much more engaging to switch off the satnav entirely and use proper map-reading to learn 'The Knowledge'.. The reliance on street names is great to that effect..

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    Amazing, 1.04 seems rock solid stable, thanks so much for this, just spent a few hours spamming thru dozens of vehicles i could never drive before, total blast. Popped a lil' drink in yer PP,

    Only a few remaining niggles - max pitch in-car doesn't seem to be responding to the slider setting, although on-foot i can look straight up, and also the pitch increments could do with being smaller, minor details though. Oh and the industrial vehicles could maybe use a little more Z height. For most of the supersports cars i'm maxing the height slider already, so a slight increase would also give them a little more overhead. It's nigh-on perfect as-is tho, and i love the way you've integrated it so seamlessly into the game settings menu!

    For anyone using a TrackIR and FFB wheel, this mod is an absolute necessity..

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    ..just tried adding one notch of Z to the Youga van - still a little too much height boost, but compared to default it's night and day.. for the first time i can actually drive the thing and see where i'm going.

    Plus there's no apparent FPS drop when using the mod - big bonus there. This is great so far, it's basically opening up a whole range of previously undriveable vehicles - there's only a handful i could actually use before, and mostly crap cars. Always wanted to try the supersports but could never see over the dashboard in most of them. Beggars belief that R* are still releasing new vehicles all with this same idiotic bug that's been there since day 1..

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    ...actually, it seems the crash on startup is fairly random - sometimes it'll crash first go, then run successfully on 2nd attempt without having changed anything in between.

    Also i notice now that the pitch offset actually does accept 90°, but that it only works on-foot, not in-car.. so when driving i still have the default max angle limit..

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    @CamxxCore - playing around a bit more, it seems stable when using the settings menu, however with certain restrictions:

    - max pitch angle that can be set seems to be 55°. In the last version (POVCU) i could look straight upwards (i use headtracking so this was a really nice touch). Even 180° worked.. At present though entering say 90 in the cfg causes the mod to crash on loading with a ScriptHook error.

    - Z offset increments via the slider are way too large! However settings made via the cfg file don't seem to register - for instance with the Cheetah and Turismo it seems i need to raise the height by around 0.08, but entering this value manually doesn't seem to affect the view over the dash. One notch up on the slider however raises it by 0.16, leaving your head poking thru the roof.. All i wanna do is slide a cushion under me arse.. I'm guessing the slider only needs around +0.10 of range to correct the default 'neck cam' in most vehicles, so 0.01 or 0.02 increments would be more useful..

    WIll keep playing with it to see if i can find sweet values that work for me, but changing the height in minimal increments between game restarts makes it hard to notice if it's making any difference..

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    Had a play with the latest version, but can't get pitch-up to extend on the in-car view - it worked fine in POVcameraUnlocker, could set it to over 90° and look straight upwards or even continue backwards upside-down.. here though it seems stuck on default no matter what value i set.

    Also, can't seem to get in-car Z-offset to work - Y produces a forwards / backwards offset, X presumably is left/right so i'm assuming Z is up/down, and again it seems oblivious to any values i set.

    Fantastic work so far tho, keep it up!

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    Wahey a new version! Still using the old one..

    Look forward to trying this out over the weekend, especially if it can add height to the in-car view...

    You know where this thing needs to go tho - you wanna be able to get into any vehicle, and adjust the view X, Y, Z, pitch and FoV, on a per-vehicle basis.. without having to restart the game every time you try a change!

    Not necessarily saving setups, though that'd be one route - but just the option of keybinds would do. Obviously we have few keys left unbound, but personally i would solder new keys onto my keyboard for the ability to tweak the view just-so while sat in the car... Keys could be disabled by default, allowing us to bind as needed..

    Short of that, can this mod be reset via the 'insert' key (reload scripts), to avoid having to reload the game to see changes?

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    I'll try to keep it under a thousand words as this is all time that could be spent just driving round SA with the insane craftwork that is this mod, but if anyone's still using the previous version, trust me, take the time to migrate your settings over to the latest version, did mine this afternoon and OMG, just utterly transformational..

    The feedback, now, between tyres and FFB wheel, is a dynamic interaction - output torques cause input torques which cause counter-torques etc., and basically simulating realistic resonance between the steering rack, traction and angular / linear momenta.

    Whereas before you could tear out of a corner onto a straight and floor it, now you're much busier at speed, controlling this interplay of potential energy to angular momentum bouncing through the chassis. Floor it on unsettled suspension and you'll feed the resonance. It's now harder to drive fast, but in a really rewarding way - skillz-honing, thrillingly addictive.

    Drifting, now, is far more tactile and visceral - you can really grasp what the car's doing, what else it's willing to do and what it's not. Fault recovery is much more intuitive and responsive - especially corrections while skidding, and threshold steering and braking are easier to feel and control. There's just much more feedback, richer, more detailed and dynamic, massively increasing your feel for and thus appreciation of both the vehicles and the road surface.. and all the nuances of the interaction between them. It's more immersive, more alive than ever..

    With KillaTomate's handling, there's also a lot more going on per unit distance in terms of player interaction with the gameworld - like i say, you're busier, more engaged and immersed in this tangible real-time feedback loop of momentum, kinetic and potential energies. This helps increase the sense of scale of the world, reducing that sense of 'toy town' you get from the cleverly-compressed but very dense use of space in GTA. With more feedback going on while driving at low speed along a short distance, your sense of space and time seem to dilate a little, adjusting your pacing to the scale of the world and making it seem more 1:1 realistic.

    Gone are any sensations of clumsiness or unresponsiveness - there's no sense of dissociation between the wheel in your hands and what the car's doing, it's all there, a livewire connection to the game..

    R* themselves couldn't have done a better job. Stating the obvious. Whatever, they should hire this guy.

    This is as close as we're likely to get to rFactor meets GTA.. Total respect and thanks a million to ikt!

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    Install a real-time handling editor and try upping the brake force on your ride, if you find a value you prefer edit the handling file accordingly.

    Ideally it should be possible to lock the wheels up on any vehicle without ABS, at any speed, but i'm not sure the game's physics engine can model this faithfully - the 'braking force' seems to be applied between the tyres and the road, not the wheels vs the car as it should be. So raising the braking force to allow lockups invariably reduces stopping distances, instead of raising them as it should. Alternatively if you try lowering friction to allow locked wheels to slide, this invariably messes up traction under all other conditions, and you'd have cars wheel-spinning when trying to drive up even shallow hills on dry roads.

    So what we have instead is the best compromise possible; cars have realistic traction under most conditions, but as a knock-on consequence, all effectively have ABS, too...

    Perhaps KT could elucidate further on this...

    Incidentally, regarding AI braking distances - and the constant rear-endings i get any time i stop at a junction - i've been wondering if this mod might benefit from a vehicleaihandling.meta counterpart - raising the AI min and max braking distances to compensate the reduced brake forces over vanilla..?

    This might also help the AI actually stay on the road when racing, too... i love the "impromptu races" mod, and community races, but the only way to get any competition from the AI while using this mod is to give the AI back their default handling - so i make handling files that only have KT's handling for the few cars i'll drive, but not the rest, or else use an older version that doesn't update the DLC cars, and then only race against them..

    And the braking issue is at the root of this forced compromise. If it's possible, a vehicleaihandling mod to compliment this one could provide the best of both worlds, without compromising AI ability so much..

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