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    absolutely right. If you want street names you have to pay. What a shame not to mention that but after downloading.

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    Right! It's still pending and I don't know why. Maybe my link is dead in the meantime. So what ....

    22 сентября 2021
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    I gave it up due to Vans123 is not giving any helpful answer. His description is clearly WRONG ! The GP part is NOT playable but blocked. Thus, just the old Nordschleife is playable. And it would be so easy to unblock this thing and have really both parts for racing. I don't understand his intentions!

    21 сентября 2021
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    I continued my testing and found out that the GP circuit works reasonable fine even with ARS and 4 "open wheel" competitors. The scenery is reloaded fast enough if you have the right (or none) graphics mod installed. In used e.g. Natural Vision Evolved. With QuantV i got the trouble with slow scenery loading, but not with NVE.

    I used my modified short GP circuit where I just unblocked the barriers and left everything of the scenery untouched. It was a nice racing and real fun.
    I have to mention that I drove 25 years ago a formula race car on the GP course. The so named "Veedol Schikane" (today it has another name) was a real challenge. Therefore, I unblocked it to get more realistic memories. ...

    15 сентября 2021
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    I really don't understand why @Vans123 blocked the GP-F1 part of the circuit. I tried to upload a modification for that but it seems not to be released and is still pending
    On the other hand, the entire map is too big with all the nice details especially within the GP-F1 part. For that reason most of the computers are not loading the scenery fast enough if you will use a race mod like ARS.
    The biggest problem however: The map causes definitely crashes if the DLC is just loaded (even not in use). I could reproduce the crash situation just teleporting to the intersection where the big gas station is (EXXON in the near of the strip club). Walk around a little and the game crashes to desktop. Take just the "Nordschleife" mod out and no crash will happen under the same circumstances else. - It remains a nice trial. If you are satisfied to run a Race Car just alone on this circuit you can have fun. Otherwise, you better de-activate this mod.

    28 августа 2021
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    @n0v0_king - If yr computer is not powerful enough and/or you have too many objects in that huge map it needs too much time for loading all these things up. When you wait a little everything is then shown in the right way again. Basically, it is a nice idea. But way too much for a normal mod. And if you have this mod activated all the time you are playing the original GTA5 you can expect crashes.

    22 августа 2021
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    I'm using game version 2372 and found something interesting: It looks like the DLC "Nordschleife" causes trouble at some points of the normal game map. I guess it has something to do with the map-management of GTA5.
    Example: When you teleport to the intersection of Strawberry/Innocent where the big gas station is and you move around a little bit the game can crash to the desktop. That happens only if "Nordschleife" is active as a DLC. If you deactivate this DLC,e.g. by just renaming it, everything runs fine again.
    That doesn't mean you cannot use "nordschleife" anymore. The DLC itself is running still fine over the entire route for me. But therefore, I rename the DLC normally and activate it just when I want to use the race circuit.
    Furthermore, I wonder if that map-management issue could be the reason for similar crashes with other mods under other circumstances. You know, there are so many mods existing using maps located outside of the regular game map. Of course, I'm not sure about that. However, in a case of game crashing it's worse to deactivate such suspicious kind of mods and test it again.

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    By thy way, I uploaded my modification for unblocking already. But it's still in pending status, don't know why.

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