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  • Gtao60

    @AlexSouza993 I think that it is called "Lightbar" in English. In emergency vehicle term, "Lightbar" is meaning lighting equipment which is used for purpose lighting signal at emergency traveling.

  • Gtao60

    HI, thanks for your great mod.

    I have question about Xbox360 controller button/stick bind.
    I often use controller when control vehicles, current version Police Camera is conflicted to helicopter control.
    Left stick is bound as camera zoom in Helicopter Camera but that is assigned as helicopter forward/backward control.
    So, when control helicopter forward or backward, camera zoom in / zoom out together.
    Left trigger (LT) is bound as Lock cancel in Camera but it is assigned as helicopter reduce power and descent altitude .

    Would you fix it or add button bind custom setting at next version HeliCam.ini ?

  • Gtao60

    This is a great mod !.

  • Gtao60

    @winject I understand, thanks.

  • Gtao60

    I have a question about configuration of v1.1.
    There are "Enable" and "SWATOnly" setting in [POLICE] section.
    May I must do set that "SWATOnly=false" when "Enable=True" ?.

    27 февраля 2017
  • Gtao60

    Nice script.

    26 февраля 2017
  • Gtao60

    I love your CHP mod.
    Thanks 72 will.

    11 февраля 2017
  • Gtao60

    I'm LSPDFR player and this mod helped me to add 2 Highway Patrol vehicles.Of course, my game is crashed after replace dlc.rpf at version 944 game. But install manually, success to add 2 hwaycars.

    My way
    1:Rename this dlc.rpf to "sahp.rpf" (to prevent accidental replace).
    2:sahp.rpf put on mods folder.
    3:Use OpenIV
    4:Extract vehicles.meta, carvariations.meta, hwaycar files, hwaycar2 files from sahp.rpf.
    5:Extract vehicles.meta from "update.rpf" and carvariations.meta from "mpluxe2" (default .meta files).
    6:4 .meta files opened by Notepad++.
    7:Lines about hwaycar and hwaycar2 copy and paste to default .meta files (custom .meta files).
    8:Use OpenIV and add custom .meta files to update.rpf and mpluxe2.
    9:Open "64e.rpf" and add 2 hwaycars files.
    10:Test with Native Trainer (spawn by vehicle name "hwaycar" and "hwaycar2").
    11:Open backup.xml with Notepad++ and rewrite "<vehicles>police4</vehicles>" to "hwaycar" and "hwaycar2" at <StatePatrol> section.
    12:Test with LSPDFR backup. State troopers are coming with hwaycar.