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  • 26fe53 013 realistic bender by cmc illustration

    Love this mod, but sadly, no persistence.
    When you reboot the game, all content of trunk disappears.
    You should create a .sav file for keep the trunk inventory when you quit the game
    (compatible with "ImNotMental persistence mod" if possible, of Personal car).

  • 26fe53 013 realistic bender by cmc illustration

    Can you make a .ini config file for tweak the values ingame? (especially market price, % of police trap, times of refound, etc..)

  • 26fe53 013 realistic bender by cmc illustration

    I've already try without any SHDN mods and that same.
    In fact, i'ts crashing with only WOV, VisualV and BusSimulator mod, so I thinks that can be caused by my config, do you think?
    I've not test these mods one by one, but i(ts complicated because my game can run smootly for 10/15mn or it can be stable for 30/45mn, i'ts very random.
    And for the crash zone, heres is exactly where i'm crashing
    (red: crash zone / green: ne crash zone / other: i'm not 100% sure)

    So you thinks that can be caused by my config? i've already test it and reduced the list to WoV, VisualV and Bus Simulator, but i'ts very long to test it beacause i'ts not full accurate, I can travel a zone several times without crashing, and crash in this same zone the next time.
    I've already heard of WoV crash problems, but any solution atm..

    Je penses pas que ca puisse venir de là, j'ai déjà fait tourner le jeu sans aucune voiture ajouté (hormis celle de Bus Simulator et World of Variety) et le prlbème rèste le même. Et quand je parle de véhicule addons, c'est surtout des vanilla edits pas si lourd que ça qui rèstent dans le lore du jeu,
    style le Vapid scout, le pack qui améliore les véhicule de police de base, la obey argento, la streiter en version route, enfin rien de très lourd,
    pas des véhicule comme des mercedes, audi ou bmw avec des texture 4k et des modèles qui fond des millions de polygones, j'essaye de garder le jeu le plus proche possible du vanilla.
    Après t'as surement raison sur le fait que ca peux venir de ma ram ou ma vram, j'ai pas une config super récente, elle tournais bien à l'époque mais elle commence à montrer ses limites, surtout avec du modding.

    Thanks for your answers!

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  • 26fe53 013 realistic bender by cmc illustration

    Always random crashes around Los Santos (only in city, not in harbord/richman/vinewood zones or country).
    When the game crashes, I haven't any error messages, only back to desktop without any messages (except the rockstar games launcher classic error message)

    I only use:
    World of Variety - VisualV - Bus Simulator - Open Burger Shot (interior) - Arround 10/15 addon car

    On script side, i have:
    Better chases+ & Stolen /
    PullMeOver /
    Bus simulator, Flatbed Script and ATM Account by "I'mNotMental" /
    Pacific-Fleeca-Paleto-Stockade and Vangelico Heist from "danistheman262" /
    ATM Robberies from same author /
    Bennys Original Motorworks (for custom bennys car in SP) /
    Persistence /
    Car Inventory /
    Working Burger Shot /
    Watch your Death /

    And ASI ones:
    SkipIntro - OpenInteriors - TrainerV - Manual Transmission - Fuel Mod by LeFix

    My PC specs:
    -Nvidia GTX 1060
    -AMD FX8350 Black Edition @5.1GHz (I've try to run the game without overclocking at 4.2GHz, same results)
    -Ram 16Gb DDR3 @1866GHz

    I run the Game at High/Ultra Settings in 1080p, and i've arround 55/75 fps with all mods enabled.
    (Of course, i've Installed Packfile and Heap Limit adjuster and tweaked the values)

    I have this issue since years, i've try nearby all gameconfig, mod setup, and nothing changes..

    Thanks for the support!

  • 26fe53 013 realistic bender by cmc illustration

    you may add the flat hood for this stock version

  • 26fe53 013 realistic bender by cmc illustration

    c'est un bon début!

  • 26fe53 013 realistic bender by cmc illustration

    Can we use this mod without all of these car mods?
    (i've only ~3/4 of the mod list)

  • 26fe53 013 realistic bender by cmc illustration

    Can you add the Laser Drill way to force the vault door? (in addition to hacking way)

  • 26fe53 013 realistic bender by cmc illustration

    @Cass Hi, i have a crash problem:
    When I drive around Los Santos Center (only in the city) the game crashe randomly, (sometime after 5mn, sometimes after 45mn) without any error messages (no memory error or others).
    I've test to launch the game with your gameconfig, and this one: https://fr.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars.
    I've HeapAjuster and PackfileLimitAdjuster scripts (and CScenarioPoint-Patch),
    i've try to decrease the number of peds/cars in the gameconfig file.
    I've try to run the game only with World of Vareity.

    Of course, installation guide meticulously followed,
    and the issue has same with 1.6% or 100% savegame (same with my personal save too)

    My config:
    AMD FX-8350BE @4.8GHz
    Nvidia GTX1060 3GB (i'ts not a vram problem, my game don't have some LOD activation near player)
    16GB ddr3 @1800MHz
    SSD samsung 860evo 250gb (game has here)

    If you know this issue, thanks for telling me. For now, I can only plays on Harbor zone, Richman, Vinewood and San Andreas country.
    If anyone have the same issue, tell me too, we can maybe solve it (I hope).
    Thanks for your support.

    PS: here's a map to see exactly where the game can crash: https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2020/04/6/1579971018-crash-zone.jpg

  • 26fe53 013 realistic bender by cmc illustration

    Can you add a .ini setting to add custom police car models?