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  • Efa6e1

    @weirdsciencex, Disabling most options to make it playable sounds strange to me. The mod is playable with almost every option enabled. As for sidemissions, they are currently still being worked on so in general expect more issues there. "Large vehicles disabled" is an option for traffic randomizer. Vehicles spawned by missions can still become large vehicles, some mission for instance have scripted traffic. I also recommend just failing a checkpoint if the current vehicle doesn't work, in your example Chop and Lamar couldn't get in, the chance of getting the same truck twice or another vehicle that doesn't work is low. And last but not least the roads disappearing issue seems to be common with lower end pc's.

    10 августа 2021
  • Efa6e1

    @ZipZap, You most likely didn't install the mod properly. I would advise you to join the discord server for support.

  • Efa6e1

    @Molo, The randomness for peds and vehicles in the GTA randomizers is not truly random. It's not possible to have complete randomness for these elements without having massive frame drops every time a vehicle or ped is spawned. The way the randomizers work is they choose from a list of already loaded vehicles/peds and load new peds in the background.

  • Efa6e1

    @sparkycat, It's an experimental feature which is turned off by default for that reason.

  • Efa6e1

    Can recommend! Had fun testing Rainbomizer for a total amount of 700 hours :)