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    @Prince6989 Don't know where did you dig her out but still been looking up how she looks like and I think it's easy to do because there is already a middle ages ped in the game that have the same body structure and by just changing the face texture you can get her. Actually there are two, one is a beach ped in bikini the other is a town ped in regular mid class clothes and I wouldnt' be surprised if there is another one that can be used with formal dress. For example a_f_m_beach_01
    1 prop
    6 components but anyways here is the list of peds https://docs.fivem.net/docs/game-references/ped-models/

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  • C893a4 lips106

    Well I was that "nobody" also my friends who asked for this since 2013 so thanks. And at one point (pretty fast) we quit GTA5 and occasinally came back for a quick fix. There has been tons of things in San Andreas for example and posibilities for new GTA5 but they started skimping even in 4 and continued for 5 so they can milk 5 for years down the line. Even the things we got eventually were halfbaked. With that people just quit and whoever settled for it doesn't know any better nor have a life... So mods are just the next best things that can provide some fun until it gets stale and you move to other games. Mods and the part of it's mod community is who actually keeps this garbage game alive so thank you. GTA were inspirational now they are just daycare for idiots and neglected children...

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    @sj storm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yugo_Florida there was a sedan model that looks like yours, more like "Pride 131" . https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTRhKRgva8VkAMTwRnD2qRdmgwPO8mn-GyqIA&usqp=CAU While this one Pride 111 looks more like the Punto inspired model they made in 2004.

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    Reminds me of Yugo Sana. Or what the natural design progression would be for a Yugo in general. Come to think of it looks like one of their concepts. I have pics somewhere, now if I only know where I put them...

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    I don't understand the logic behind this. When I spawn in the game a modded car and enter video editor the car have the custom suspentions and tires but upon driving it and few others trigger back to factory settings tires and there were few other instances that I forgot but overall everything is weird and glitched to the point I can't use it.

    Oh and the "ghost" cars from the recording script for editor all trigger back the factory setting of the tires no matter what. So you have to edit this hella smart and be extra creative about it, work on videos in that moment of a spawned car. Which is too much work to put up with. I can't record something and come back to it tomorrow because it will have factory tires or glitched. Rendering the work and videos useless. I seriously don't want to work a whole month on a single 2 minute video and even then I am losing tons of options to make a coherent presentation.

    Why can't all remain the way I modded them even after saving it up. I just don't understand. Am I missing something on here, what I am doing wrong?

    Or this is just a way these things work. There must be a way I am sure to force this.

    Also I've seen you can't mod some aspects, options of the tires like we use to judging by what I've seen in some YT videos. I guess it got patched out or something...

    So great mod but needs more work put into it. I wish I know this type of stuff and make these myself or could help.

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    This car just doesn't know what it wants to be.

    26 февраля 2021
  • C893a4 lips106

    There is really something messed up with this file. I can play singleplayer mode and spawn this car, drive it whatever, just fine but upon opening FiveM this file is giving me a critical error crashing the entire FiveM. Never seen anything like this before nor it makes sense. Usually if the file is corrupt it would not work even on singleplayer.

    23 февраля 2021
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    I am back to GTA5 in late November 2020 and seen your mods around here and couldn't figure out where is your name so familiar from then I seen now the attached video from Nivea channel and it struck me, I finally realized we use to play Online together. I was in your and Trollosaurus's clans. We use to do VIP missions and other things that usually others didn't do much of it. I had fun times playing with you all back then. It has been years. I cannot believe how time flies so fast.

    18 февраля 2021
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    @Jjent1 Or better say looks generic like every Online MP female character out there because no one knows how to create a unique character on consoles but in their defense the PC version doesn't offer much options because it's broken since day one. I recently revisited the character creator mod on PC and holly mac-n-cheese I spent hours making different faces, unlocked every possible variation there is, sliders etc and I can assure you none of that is available in Online character creator nor it looks like it will ever be. Just sadly I didn't saved any... I was more testing out what can I do to the point I got so hyped that I didn't even realize how much I spent time on all that and in the end only saved just one character. But at least next time I know that I have tons of options to chose from.