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    Best Car mod ever!!! I recommend to download this. I usually criticize modders for making stupid mistakes in their car mods but i couldn't find any mistake made so far. I tried driving this with a logitech g29 and the experience was wholesome. Thank you so much for making such an amazing car, keep working hard mate!

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    First of all, call me the Gordon Ramsay of Gta 5 mods... When i first downloaded this mod, i was very excited because the pictures look good. The car's exterior is very good in-game, BUT... There is always a but. The interior is messed up. First of all, the steering wheel is NOT CENTERED CORRECTLY, when i use it with my logitech g29, the steering wheel rotates around the wrong point. You set the center on top of the wheel not in the center of the wheel, THIS IS A HUGE BUG. I fixed it myself but there are more problems. THIS IS AN AUDI TTS... T T S... YOU PUT A TTRS DASHBOARD which ruins the experience. RPM meter and speedometer are working which makes it kind of okay, BUT, indicator lights, handbreak led, lights led on dashboard don't show which ruins the dashboard completely. Also when i turn my head to the left while i'm on first person view, my head collides with the roof which makes it annoying. The car's driving is very smooth and pleasing but you fucking ruined it with your messed up interior. Piss off and work on your mod correctly you twat. I'm giving you 0 stars because there is no -5 stars. Work on your s.hit and post an update. Good luck or as we say in your language, bonne chance con!